Unifying Love With Wealth™ by Evolving Higher States of Consciousness

Things can always be better!

BREAKTHROUGH and take your life to another level – no matter how successful you already are in the areas that matter most: families, intimate relationships, health, business, personal finance and careers. Cultivating extraordinary untapped potential in all people is the foundation of THE CHOICE IS MINE (TCIM) System Inside/Out Training which continues the personal evolution into the combining of spirit and the mind to support painting your canvas to live the art of you. Through TCIM training, you know this choice is easily available to you.

We have multiple ways in which we nurture and blossom the heart, spirit and empowering mindsets.

The table below shows the different ways in which you can get exposure to the TCIM Principles.   From free stuff to simply buying the Study Course and using it at your pace, joining a group intensive or placing yourself on the fast track with private sessions.  You choose.

Different Ways To Empower the Art of Being You
DOWNLOAD A complimetary chapter of TCIM  This chapter gives you only one piece of the amazing puzzle of living a life of health, wealth and happiness.
Unifying Love with Wealth™ Radio Show
An impactful show filled with insights, skill-sets and principles.  Hosted by Ms. Hopkins and presented by Veronique, the founder of this material. During this transformational hour, listen to guest speakers on various success related topics, ask questions or listen to an in-depth discussion on the self paced training in the art of being you.
JOIN THE TCIM Membership A membership that offers you deeper insights into the art of being you with monthly bonuses as only one of the special gifts offered to members.
BUY THE TCIM Personal and Development and Transformational System.

A breakthrough self paced study course in the art of being you.

“Unconditional Allowance” are 2 other tools included with the TCIM System that further nurtures expanding and enriching the heart and spiritt are a musical composition audio and a spoken word audio set. The Unconditional Allowance musical composition specifically soothes your mind and enlivens your soul.
[mp3j track=”‘Unconditional Allowance Composition Sample’@slmmusicsample.mp3″ captions=”Unconditional Allowance”]
INVEST in a Private session Read the testimonials, read what other’s have powerfully experienced and see why ANY consultation time spent with Veronique has been so highly valued.
TAKE THE TCIM Intensive Class This class creates a laser focus in supporting the heart to empower the mind through a reinforcement of the power found in subtleties.
TAKE A Project Based Transformation In our 3, 6 or 12 month personal consultation term with Veronique, this intense support accelerates your understanding of the subtleties so you can more powerfully apply them to day to day living in personal and business relationships.
INSPIRE YOURSELF With These Inspirational Items Fun items in which to express yourself.


Make that commitment to yourself by ordering today from an option that works best for you.

Make a Small Investment In Your Future Today and Reap the Rewards Tomorrow

We look for the purpose and good in everything and everyone and build from there. We love, laugh and live by celebrating the gifts within life and the unique gift that each and every one of us has to offer. If that seems a little challenging, come and play with us and we will share with you how celebrating each moment and each individual that crosses your path is really pretty simple.
~ Veronique
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