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white buffalo calf woman


Ancient Wisdom for a New Era

In the mid 2000’s, Veronique’s path took her to Colorado, where providence stepped in and connected her with a Pueblo Indian Tribe. Due to the purity they felt & experienced from her love & wisdom, she was invited to their exclusive sacred gatherings. It was at one of these gatherings when they bestowed the reverent title of “White Buffalo Calf Woman” upon her. What they recognized and experienced with Veronique, was no matter the circumstances or other’s perceptions, her heart & soul always remained with the Great Spirit.

The White Buffalo Calf Woman is a Native American Spiritual being that without judgement, allows others the expression that is purposeful for their path. She represents the 4 directions and the 4 colors of man. Her purpose is to bring spirituality and harmony to the world through supporting us in remembering how to stay connected with our true selves/path/God/the Universe. She naturally reflects back one’s perceptions yet remains in the innocence of love. This is what the Native Americans saw in Veronique’s soul & felt from her heart. They knew that she never has, and never will allow herself to became jaded from challenging life experiences.  She has put the wisdom that she lives into The Freedom Is Internal Collection’s System, Begin Here Instructional Guide Volume 1, The Choice Is Mine Volume 2 – Spirit, The 12 Keys & Pocket Companion Volume 3, and the She/He Loves Me audio.

“…In reading your wisdom more than once or even twice or three times, helped me to fully absorb the meanings of each of the ideas and become more conscious of (the profound subtleties in the material that made all the difference). By being totally conscious and attentive to the ideas in the Collection’s System, it’s been unreal how my life has change for the better so quickly.

I also have been able to form my questions better, which in turn gets me clearer and more direct answers. The change in me is feeling wonderful, the results are amazing. I really didn’t understand how changing from being conditional (limited/destructive) in my mindset to be unconditional (unlimited/constructive) in my mindset could blossom into the person I am now. I am experiencing life through a new level of freedom, and trust. Wow, Veronique this really works exactly like you said.”

~ Beta Study Student