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At 77 Veronique has continued to serve on an organic level through personal referrals & allowing those who’s heart & soul guided them to her and the deeper wisdom she imparts. Due to Covid -19 she has refocused her sabbatical standing placing on the forefront different opportunities to provide the knowledge that can change any struggles we are having with this pandemic into going beyond the struggles and getting our lives back and moving into our dreams.

Back in the 1989 Veronique was proclaimed by leaders worldwide as a Master Teacher and was bestowed the honor & title of White Buffalo Woman by a Pueblo Indian Tribe during the time she lived in Colorado.

Through Veronique’s extraordinary ways she has touch the lives of those who wished to transform their lives – sooner rather than later. Her in-depth wisdom and laser like focus has inspired others to become aware of the innate power we all possess and how we dissipate that power through the subtle communications we have with ourselves and others. She teaches others HOW to strengthen our communications to be congruent so one can more quickly transform, in a short period of time, lives of struggle into thriving. Her “joie de vivre” (love of life) has kept her energy high; her youthful innocence combined with her wisdom has supported uncanny successes throughout both her ventures and those students she has taught. Even those these different transformations were considered miraculous, she has remained down to earth and fun loving.

Over the years, her roles have been a homemaker, international negotiator, systems analyst, restaurateur, business developer, national and international speaker and world traveler to highlight some of her diverse endeavors. Her many out of the box adventures include getting locked overnight in the pyramid of Giza, hiking the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim, climbing the 674 stairs of the Eiffel Tower to be able to see how the tower was put together & to breath-in the amazing views during her climb, traveling on the Orient Express, climbing to the top of Mount Fuji arriving by sunrise, touring and enjoying every Hammam Spa in Casablanca Morocco she could find, traveling the world as a woman when it wasn’t popular to do so, and enjoying every hill and valley of her adventures.

Veronique embodies the phrase “been there, done that”. Join her on her different broadcasts. She is independent of any political party using only a fact-based focus on what unites us as human beings, rather than what divides us. The broadcasts vary from interactive call ins, to debunking misleading information that has only increased tensions that has further divided our world and nation – in her unique way she offers simple solutions as the way forward during these Gobal Historic Crossroads. Her broadcasts contain critical issues, opinion, mind, heart, & soul, life & traditions and food so you can form your choices through grounded wisdom.

Veronique is truly the – energizer bunny – of the professional and personal growth / transformational arena. She extends that energy into how she loves life.

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  1. Podcasts  Pre-recorded broadcasts where Veronique uses her endless wisdom to address various topics and/or answers emails where you realize approaching life in a more empowered way is simpler than you think. (recorded shows are published on our podcast channel – participation is your consent to publish your name/voice with no remuneration)
  2. Webinars  A radio show on a webinar platform. Email or Call in your questions to Veronique. Her wisdom is profound & endless which opens the door for you to ask her anything about anything. (recorded shows are published on our Youtube channel – participation is your consent to publish your name/voice with no remuneration). – Webinars are being held back due to us focusing on providing as much complementary support to those most affected by the corona virus. Webinars will begin in the middle of November.

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