Unifying Love With Wealth™ by Evolving Higher States of Consciousness


Those Who Have Experienced The Collection's System

“…in all my years of taking personal development training, Veronique is the first and only person who has not inserted herself or what she thought was best for me into the training system. She comes from the pure truth and that is all she shares. She allowed me to determine how it was true for me and that allowed me to go faster than anything I have ever studied before.”

~ veronica v. – caretaker


“In the arms of an angel – years of migraines gone!” I’ve been experiencing migraines for many years. They were so bad that they would put me down for days so of course I was willing to try anything. With Veronique’s love and her guidance to help me find the real reasons for my migraines and my willingness to bring it out, I can tell you that I no longer have them. Miracles do happen in life, and will happen for you; it has for me through the wisdom Veronique’s shares… When I left Veronique that day and got into my car something told me to turn on the radio. I did, and playing was “In the Arms of an Angel” may you find some comfort (Sarah McLaughlin). Veronique was my Angel that day showing me the love within myself. I speak to all, that you will find everything you desire in life with the guide of an ANGEL “Veronique”, an angel from our lord God above, to help us reach that what his son sacrificed for all of us that total unconditional love of our being.”

~ tammy g. – housewife

“This works! I went with my friend thinking the class would be boring. I went not thinking I would get anything from it except the pizza. I learned so much on what I could do to have what I wanted… without trying to force anything. I tried it the next day at school and it worked! I couldn’t wait to go to the next class, I didn’t care if they had pizza or not. Veronique said there was more and I wanted to know what it was. I wish they had this kind of guidance in school. I was even happier with my parents.”

~ Piper Y. age 15

(This success story represents feedback from a teenage Saturday afternoon beta study group. Veronique wanted to test the System to see how it would work on the complex lives of teens. They were encouraged to attend with the prompt of unlimited pizza)

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