Unifying Love With the Wealth of Probabilities™ by Evolving Higher States of Consciousness Through the Subtleties of Energy

love as a business tool

To Develop & Maintain a Successful Business Begins from the Inside of You – Expressed Outwardly.

Projecting and displaying what you love to do will always develop and grow a successful business no matter your vocation, the size or kind of business because it will develop organic habits of being in service to others as you are serving yourself. This automatically creates a simultaneous circle of giving and receiving. This continual circle in turn supports
the visual touch and feel of your business. This then reflects the love you have for yourself and how you pour this inner love into others as an outward expression of you.

Success isn’t as difficult, or doesn’t take as long to achieve when motivated by the soul and heart of you at its core.

Being Consciously Aware – Moment to Moment – Is a Slam Dunk for Success Sooner Rather Than Later.

How you experience your reality stems directly from you. What you are experiencing in the moment is a result of a series of thoughts from previous moments influencing your current moment. If you want to change destructive or defeating experiences in life, you must first change internal beliefs stored in the subconscious mind from past experiences that are influencing such outcomes.


Are your thoughts consistently imagining joy and excitement and endless success or failure and struggle when you think about your goals? Do you feel dread or fear when you think about having to be responsible for what you say you want or does eagerness to do what you must fulfill you? Observe yourself with absolute detachment. Observe without making anything right or wrong, or attempting to bury or make what frightens you go away without addressing where that fear birthed from… ONLY observe unconditionally! Give yourself 1 second – no more- to focus on the concern / fear then choose to focus on discovering a solution that will support you in having what you really… really… really… honest and truly want. Choosing staying focused on what supports you instead of focusing on and thinking about what doesn’t support you allows an ever growing evolution. As Earl Nightingale said before me: “You get what you think about most of the time.”

The way to change your automatic ‘thinking’ mechanism’, is to be aware of your subconscious beliefs. Why is this important? Because beliefs birth thoughts, thoughts form your words, words shape the actions you take and actions produce what you ultimately receive… SIMPLE… now… choose!

Remember you have free will on how you are going to respond to situations. It is always your choice.

Always Through Love,

" One's Perception of Love becomes a subconscious belief that is the motivating core of all life choices. This perception is completely opposite from using the power of Love in Its Innocence and is the difference between living an expected normal of struggles, imbalances and lack, instead of living an expected normal of ease, grace and abundance. Using Love in Its Innocence allows you to be in command of how you would love your life to be sooner rather than later."

~ Veronique