Unifying Love With Wealth™ by Evolving Higher States of Consciousness

Complete Success Personally, Professionally
and Organizationally through the Art of Being You

THE CHOICE IS MINE (TCIM) System Inside/Out Training Course is no quick fix, yet once the principles are a part of your core values you are able to support yourself through a variety of challenges with greater ease, grace and abundance. The value of taking the time to build from the inside out can be explained through a children’s fable: The Three Pigs.  If you remember the story, each pig used different materials to build their home, straw, twigs and bricks.  The straw and twig homes took little effort to construct.  The third pig built a home of bricks. This construction required (a little more) dedication, time, focused effort, and clarity of vision. Yet, when complete, the brick home withstood the huffing and puffing of the wolf and completely warded off the wolf’s attempt to blow the home down where the other two homes were easily destroyed by the wolf. The moral of the story is clear… take the time to build what will last.

In TCIM you will discover that:

1. “in your reality” there is no real self-sabotage and that

2. “reality” is “simply” what you are creating it “to be” from what you believe to be true and nothing more!  

3.  rapid and grounded results.  Only read 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening is all you need!

TCIM builds a solid foundation because it builds from the inside out. Building from the inside out may take a tad longer, yet it always creates a strong core personally, professionally and/or organizationally. A core that enables those who use its principles to withstand, overcome and surge forward through any perceived obstacle or huffing and puffing from destructive influences. The dynamic system of THE CHOICE IS MINE System gets to the core of what holds complete success back.

Individuals, businesses and/or organizations that use these principles in their practices grow and excel with less struggle.

We look for the purpose and good in everything and everyone and build from there. We love, laugh and live by celebrating the gifts within life and the unique gift that each and every one of us has to offer. If that seems a little challenging, come and play with us and we will share with you how celebrating each moment and each individual that crosses your path is really pretty simple.
~ Veronique
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