Evolving Higher States of Consciousness through the Subtleties of Energy


We have selected testimonials (success stories) that represent a broad range of individuals from professionals all the way to teenagers who have used the material as guided and have been successful in different aspects of their lives beyond their wildest dreams.

…If anyone ever said to you, ‘Look inside for your answers,’ and you said silently
‘How do I do that?’ Veronique’s Freedom Is Internal System – Gold Series is it!

Her innovative approach universally serves to transform what limits your dreams  and goals more easily than what I thought was possible. Her inside/out approach gives a ‘reality’ to the highest achievement possible like nothing else
currently available.

It is a treasure to use for yourself, business or organization and pass on to everyone you know that wants more freedom, happiness, success and love in their life. Using Veronique’s favorite words… ‘It Is What It Is'”.

Barry Spilchuck (a national and international Fortune 500 trainer & author of ’a Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul,’)

business owners/company presidents

Amazing woman!” “I was caught off guard, I never expected that underneath Veronique’s vivacious personality and that bouncing hair or continuous smile and giggle there was such deep wisdom. She has a knowing so grounded there are no words to explain its depth. She is professional and superior in approach and results.  She moves to the truth quicker than the speed of light– this is what really makes a difference.  Veronique skillfully and intuitively brings new awareness and success in each interaction, and she supports you in knowing you how to do the same. I still cannot believe how simply powerful her process, “The Freedom Is Internal System” is; yet, it is, and it works! It is my pocket companion for life.”
Ed Johnson, President – Wollabee, Inc.


“Every day I went through the motions of being happy, yet deep down I wasn’t. My business was good, yet I was dying inside. the “Freedom Is Internal System” and Veronique’s loving guidance made all the difference in the world. I feel alive! I am in the joy of focusing on my life goals. The bonus, my business doubled. I found a diamond in Veronique and did not really fully appreciate or know the jewel I had discovered until I was halfway through her 3-month program. She was the answer to my prayers.You are a treasure.”
Carol Miller, Owner Silk on Silk


“This system is incredible! Loving every day now! It is hard to state in a short paragraph all that this system has done for my life because it crosses over and handles so many aspects, family, friends, business and of course, me. Veronique’s System transformed it all in to what supported the true me!!!!  What a great gift she has for the world.  There is not a day that goes by that I do not thank God that she crossed my path. When challenges come up, and they do I quickly am centered by reading “The Freedom Is Internal System” It returns me to the now and me very easily and quickly. Thank you!”
Janis M. – Computer Concepts
“All I knew about Veronique was what my friend had told me, that she possessed an amazing amount of wisdom from many different sources. I was in a rut and not progressing towards any of my goals. Even though it was so different from my belief system, I took a leap of faith. The changes in my life did not miraculously happen. It was hard and challenging work. I know that I would not have accomplished what I have without Veronique’s guidance and The Freedom Is Internal System. I was living in New Orleans when I began working with Veronique. Along with thousands of others, I evacuated when Katrina came. Just like the majority of people from the Gulf Coast, I never once thought that the evacuation would last more than a few days. When the extent of the devastation became clear, I felt paralyzed, as if I were in a permanent state of limbo, and overcome with anxiety.  It was only after mentoring with Veronique thereby going deeper and continuing my work with The Freedom Is Internal Collection, that I was able to free myself from that state of paralysis and fear.Then, it was as if the floodgates of opportunity opened.   Within six weeks, I interviewed for and was offered a job, purchased a home in a neighborhood I loved and made preparations for a training program for South Sudan.Returning to New Orleans was terribly disturbing. I know that I would not have had the physical, emotional, or spiritual strength to have done this if I had not been reading The Freedom Is Internal System and having weekly, sometimes twice a week, sessions with Veronique. It gave me the knowledge that no matter whatever happened, I knew I could deal with it and that everything would work out the way it was meant to.
There was also the situation with the training program in South Sudan. South Sudan is an equatorial region with very hot weather and no modern conveniences, in addition to a great deal of political unrest. We had been in negotiations on this project before Katrina. After Katrina it was postponed. Generally, two or three of us conduct these trainings, but we were unable to find another trainer to accompany me. My work with Veronique gave me the confidence to go to South Sudan and conduct the program by myself. It was the most meaningful and challenging training event I have ever done. I encountered situations that I had never before faced. An incident occurred in the village outside our tent compound that terribly upset my program participants and had them fearing for their lives. I dealt with this and all the other situations very well. And again, I know this was a direct result of my sessions with Veronique and reading The Freedom Is Internal System.
Veronique’s guidance and the wisdom in The Freedom Is Internal System is not magic or a quick fix. It’s about taking responsibility for your choices, but not beating yourself up about them. It’s about recognizing your fears and facing them. It’s about recognizing someone else’s fears and not responding in kind. It’s about knowing that you manifest what happens in your life and that whatever it is, you can handle it. It’s about not being judgmental with yourself or others. It’s about not trying to fix the rest of the world and accepting them as they are. It’s about being and projecting love. It takes commitment and dedication; yet it can change your life, if you take the leap. Take the leap.”
Idella Wilson – Attorney


I want to thank you!  I was struggling with life and my business. I thought I had all the answers and life was just the way it was, hard. Veronique showed me a different way. A way more in tune to who I am. I am still an accountant,  I just handle things from who I am and not from what I was attempting to force.  Life got easier and in a short time more financially successful. The struggle is gone. It was hard at first to stay on her process because I was looking for a quick fix. Now I can’t think of a day I do not want to read, “THE CHOICE IS MINE”  training course, it makes all the difference between struggling and living a balanced, prosperous life.”
Brad N. – Accountant
I fell in love again! As a physician my life was about healing others, not healing myself. My experience bestowed upon me the responsibility of the head of a major hospital; in all of my responsibilities, I felt a void. I had heard from a friend what appeared as miracles, which Veronique seemed to attract in to others life. In my line of work I have come to trust the existence of miracles, yet I never thought I experienced it for myself. Before Veronique I was too proud to ask or admit I required help. My personal life was void of love and anything that lasted in fulfillment. I met Veronique and she knew this side of me without conversation that reveled any of these details.  Veronique and her profound wisdom guided with such compassion it led me to what would eventually opened me to a miracle of a new, fulfilling relationship.  I found myself and I fell in love again! Thank you Veronique.”
Michael T. MD – Hospital Director


Forever thankful! A very traumatic, stressful life got un-traumatic and un-stressed. When I was first presented with this process, it seemed too good to be true. Where I was in my life I had nothing to lose and more to gain if I tried Veronique’s process, “The Freedom Is Internal System,” so I did, and it worked.  Do you see me kissing her hands, because it is just what I did and I am not a touchy kind of guy. It is unreal, yet oh so real because it works.  There is nothing to think about, only follow the process and you get what you want. Again, I say thank you!”
William P. Rose – Manager
Thanks for making life easier. As a manager of a very stressful job I was beginning to lose it. Everything seemed to be out of control. I started reading Veronique’s ‘The Freedom Is Internal System’ and  was amazed how quickly my life settled.  I stopped reading her process and the chaos started again. I began reading it again and like the magic found in a prayer that you say over and over again, one more time, life began flowing more tactfully. Your process becomes more powerful every day I read it daily. It is a gift for life.”
Yate Anderson – Transportation Assistant


I have more to say! I was lost for many years. I was holding myself back because I did not trust myself. I was very judgmental and was told from an early age that I was not good enough. I had made some real mistakes in my life that jeopardized the career that I chose. My fears kept me from succeeding and finding the perfect job for my family and me. My wife is a schoolteacher and has been the breadwinner in our family since we were married. I had gone to college to teach drama like my father did. I had a teacher that I “student taught” with that gave me a “not so favorable recommendation.” Instead of rising above that, I allowed it to effect my ability to find a teaching job. I was so fearful about not getting a teaching job that I created my fear by stealing a check from my employer and was convicted of a felony. My dream of teaching, in my mind, was crushed. I continued to go from job to job until my former wife decided that she had had enough and so she divorced me. It was at that time that I met Veronique. I was so depressed and did not see any hope for my future. Veronique approached me and offered to coach me. With the help of Veronique and “The Freedom Is Internal System.” I was able to get a teaching job by creating beginning levels of unconditional love and responsibility for others and myself. At first, I read The Freedom Is Internal System 5 or 6 times. Through its use I created wiping my felony off my record and finding a teaching job at a residential treatment center with at-risk teenagers (the type of teenagers that I want to teach).  
After I got the job I thought all was well and stopped reading “The Freedom Is Internal System” and my fears came back.I feared losing my job and was feeling I was beginning to sabotage myself as I have my whole life. I was urged by Veronique to continue to read the System. I was guided by her to continue to read the System but I chose to do other things. Fears began compounding. I then started reading the Collection again and began experiencing being unlimited. What Veronique shared with me started to sink back into my subconscious where my fears, through the reading and her mentoring, began lessening.  There are things I am still working on and there will always be different challenges that come up for me but I know now that if I am able to step back and look at what I fear and be honest with myself, I will be able to step through it. None of this would have happened if I was not drawn to Veronique and her inspired Freedom Is Internal System.”
TJ Brewster – Teacher of At Risk Teens


I was stubborn, not stupid! My wife insisted I work with her and Veronique to save our way of life and marriage. My pride was bruised so I resisted at first; yet, I did not want to lose either so I said okay. I thank God everyday for my wife’s bossy ways. At first I thought Veronique would be uppity being so smart and all, not so. She made me feel safe and smart myself. Our life and marriage was saved and reborn into what my wife and I had dreamed of but could never get to for over 30 years. I did not graduate from high school, yet,  with Veronique’s kind ways and her material The Freedom Is Internal System I feel I have a master’s degree in how to be successful in life,  and we are in so many new ways. The best part, we turned everything around in less than nine months. A very small investment for the rest of our lives”
Bryan Jones – Farmer

(These next few testimonials represent feedback from a teenage beta study group (a group gathered to use the material and give feedback) they were encouraged to attend with the prompt of unlimited pizza. After that first class, they didn’t want pizza, they only wanted more classes because in one class using them the material as Veronique guided them to use it, they made immediate changes in their lives, from better relationships in school (bullying), with parents & siblings)

“I was destructive, upset and angry all the time. My mom gave me The Freedom Is Internal System. I started to feel better about myself, and then it became easier to have friends that really liked me. I even started getting along with my sister because  I know what to do so she doesn’t get me so mad anymore.”
Gary – Age 13


“After reading and using The Choice is Mine (one of the components in the Freedom Is Internal System), it makes you want to not do drugs.”
Billy – Age 14


“This works! I went with my friend thinking the class would be boring. I went not thinking I would get anything from it except the pizza. I learned so much on what I could do to have what I wanted….without trying to force anything.  I tried it the next day at school and it worked!  I couldn’t wait to go to the next class, I didn’t care if they had pizza or not. Veronique said there was more and I wanted to know what it was. I wish they had this kind of guidance in school. I was even happier with my parents.”
Piper Young – Age 15


“DISCOVERING INNER STRENGTH AT 16 only after I implemented these techniques.
I’m living proof this works at any age! When I first heard of this new method of inner strength I sort of laughed at it. I thought nothing of it. But when I went to the class I learned there are so many other ways to change the things in my life I couldn’t change myself. … These techniques have helped me work better in groups.  If we were trained with these techniques, then undoubtedly that extra fifty percent we seem to be missing will be filled in.  I’m living proof that this works at any age!”
Alex – Age 16


“It was difficult to stay with the process at first because I was looking for something I thought would jump out at me or be harder. When I first began reading ‘The Freedom Is Internal System’ I kept putting it down. I could never finish it. I was looking for the whole process to be much harder so I thought it was a waste of my time. Thank God Veronique encouraged me to give it a month, yet be consistent in reading it. Since I was paying her to help me with this other problem, I did.  I cannot explain what happened only that everything in the System is true and my life is easier.  I am getting what I want without force. Through Veronique I learned I am the product of my anger/fears. I am living a main key in her writings ‘unconditional responsibility’ and I am so much happier.”
Beth – Age 18


“…AWOL & DRUG CHARGES DROPPED… by affirming through the empowering nature of true love…
What Veronique shared with me helped me be successful in my journey of change. It also helped me be free with my self when I was so scared. It helped me help myself, through those parts of myself that I had judged. It was so powerful that I was able to do this in jail when no one was available to help me though this frightening time.  I felt free when I wasn’t, (I was in jail).  I also felt that I was saying and feeling the ultimate prayer and that is why I will say, use, and live it everyday. It also made me feel that I could talk to anyone who I was praying about when I physically couldn’t.”
Jason – Age 19
“I realized this System (The Freedom Is Internal System) was different…
 I hesitated to buy  her material (Veronique’s Freedom Is Internal System) because I thought it was like everything else that was out there. Because I was still searching for what could help me, I got on the teleseminar to check it out. After I experienced how caring, authentic and original Veronique was, and how the wisdom in her material got me to view love/wealth in a way that I hadn’t thought of before, I realized this was really different,  so I bought it without hesitation!”
Mark M. – Florida


“In the arms of an angel – years of migraines gone! I’ve been experiencing migraines for many years. They were so bad that they would put me down for days so of course I was willing to try anything. With Veronique’s love and her guidance to help me find the real reasons for my migraines and my willingness to bring it out, I can tell you that I no longer have them. Miracles do happen in life, and will happen for you; it has for me through the wisdom Veronique’s shares… When I left Veronique that day and got into my car something told me to turn on the radio. I did, and playing was ‘In the Arms of an Angel’ may you find some comfort (Sarah McLaughlin). Veronique was my Angel that day showing me the love within myself. I speak to all, that you will find everything you desire in life with the guide of an ANGEL ‘Veronique’, an angel from our lord God above, to help us reach that what his son sacrificed for all of us that total unconditional love of our being.”
Tammy G. – Housewife



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