> Idella Wilson – Attorney

Idella Wilson – Attorney

Name: Linda
Age: 19
Family Status: Single
Occupation: Student
Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica
Height: 6’1”
Starting Weight: 238 pounds
Current Weight: 193 pounds
Current Waist Size: 34"

I took a leap of faith and committed…

All I knew about Veronique was what my friend had told me, that she possessed an amazing amount of wisdom from many different sources. I was in a rut and not progressing towards any of my goals. Even though it was so different from my belief system, I took a leap of faith. The changes in my life did not miraculously happen. It was hard and challenging work. I know that I would not have accomplished what I have without Veronique’s guidance and The Freedom Is Internal Collection. I was living in New Orleans when I began working with Veronique. Along with thousands of others, I evacuated when Katrina came. Just like the majority of people from the Gulf Coast, I never once thought that the evacuation would last more than a few days. When the extent of the devastation became clear, I felt paralyzed, as if I were in a permanent state of limbo, and overcome with anxiety.

 It was only after mentoring with Veronique thereby going deeper and continuing my work with The Freedom Is Internal Collection, that I was able to free myself from that state of paralysis and fear.Then, it was as if the floodgates of opportunity opened.   Within six weeks, I interviewed for and was offered a job, purchased a home in a neighborhood I loved and made preparations for a training program for South Sudan.Returning to New Orleans was terribly disturbing. I know that I would not have had the physical, emotional, or spiritual strength to have done this if I had not been reading The Freedom Is Internal Collection and having weekly, sometimes twice a week, sessions with Veronique. It gave me the knowledge that no matter whatever happened, I knew I could deal with it and that everything would work out the way it was meant to. There was also the situation with the training program in South Sudan. South Sudan is an equatorial region with very hot weather and no modern conveniences, in addition to a great deal of political unrest. We had been in negotiations on this project before Katrina.

After Katrina it was postponed. Generally, two or three of us conduct these trainings, but we were unable to find another trainer to accompany me. My work with Veronique gave me the confidence to go to South Sudan and conduct the program by myself. It was the most meaningful and challenging training event I have ever done. I encountered situations that I had never before faced. An incident occurred in the village outside our tent compound that terribly upset my program participants and had them fearing for their lives. I dealt with this and all the other situations very well. And again, I know this was a direct result of my sessions with Veronique and reading The Freedom Is Internal Collection. Veronique’s guidance and the wisdom in The Freedom Is Internal Collection is not magic or a quick fix. It’s about taking responsibility for your choices, but not beating yourself up about them. It’s about recognizing your fears and facing them. It’s about recognizing someone else’s fears and not responding in kind. It’s about knowing that you manifest what happens in your life and that whatever it is, you can handle it. It’s about not being judgmental with yourself or others. It’s about not trying to fix the rest of the world and accepting them as they are. It’s about being and projecting love.

It takes commitment and dedication; yet it can change your life, if you take the leap. Take the leap.

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