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World Class Spas, destination or day, where treasured experiences create lifetime memories both for men and women as they invite you to nurture, and energize your body and mind. In Veronique’s search around the world for ancient knowledge of living a free, abundant and fulfilling life she has discovered ancient knowledge that helps achieve these goals. Exceptional spa services that rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit on the deepest levels is part of returning to the power within self that will balance stress, achieve vibrant health and create a foundation for unwavering happiness and success. Veronique only recommends those spas she gives a five star rating in different categories. Listed in the link below is this season’s exceptional spa. It has passed her meticulous requirements from the staff, environment, and rejuvenation services for a wholeness approach to wellness and transformation.

What we offer in training in a Whole Person Approach , Body/Mind/Spirit, also pertains to the Day or Destination Spas we recommend.

Spas serve all three dimensions. Whether marketed or not Spas and Spirituality go hand in hand, yet, spas do not “market” their spiritual aspects. My feeling is that because people define spirituality very differently, if a spa mentions a spiritual component, it has a greater chance of turning people off than turning them on. Consider the following words often used indicating the possibility of a spiritual dimension: meditation, labyrinth, yoga, Buddha, healing energy, past life regression, psychotherapy, hypnosis, astrology, tarot cards, life-force, chi, silent retreats, prayer, etc. You can see how the possibility of someone having a reaction to at least one of those words could be possible if they do not align with their beliefs.

Check, back each and every season (summer, fall, winter, spring) for those spa listings that have passed her conscientious tests and was added to…


For recommendations of spas in your area, or if you would like your spa services considered in her reviews, e-mail you request and considerations to: info@veroniqueinc.com

This Season’s Recommended Destination Spa: Click Here

Beauty comes from within; clarity of mind is achieved by tuning the body to practices in life that nurture and support the whole of you.



NOT releasing stress is what science has acknowledged as the main killer of health. Reeducation of how to decrease or eliminate stress establishes rejuvenation. The centerpiece of THE CHOICE IS MINE REJUVENATION TRAINING includes recommending luxurious spas, both Day and Destination facilities. The SPAS Veronique recommends and brings her innovated TCIM Training techniques to provides a whole body approach. While your body is being pampered, your spirit is being renewed with fun techiniques that open rejuvenating relationships both personal and business.

Veronique Inc and the rejuvenation provided through THE CHOICE IS MINE TRAINING, and the Spas she recommends are unlike any other because it is an experience unlike any other.

Promoting balance between the body, mind, and spirit is an:

• Empowering way to reconnect to the whole person

• Do What the Body will remember as natural

• Healthy way to exist in harmony/balance

In the quiet of the spas’ surroundings, spas intentionally use the blending of colors, textures, aromas, and different flavors of treatments, which can promote body-mind awareness. If mindful, from the inside/out, you will begin to understand how age is a mindset. This is where TCIM INSIDE/OUT REJUVENATION TRAINING comes into play. We provide simple ways to be more “MINDFULL” of the body.

Not having a conscious awareness connection with our bodies over time, many of us develop habits of movement that involve unnecessary strain and misplaced effort. Not only do bad habits of movement and non-stress releases prevent us from experiencing ease and grace through life we decrease our ability to receive pleasure, ultimately adding unnecessary stress, pain and the breakdown of body tissues resulting in unnecessary injuries and illness. From one generation to another, we are taught how to sit, walk, bend, climb, and even lift. Yet, do we use our body correctly for these every day exercises? Getting in touch with our aches, pains, we realize we developed habits of movement from a physical or emotional injury where the body adopted new habits in response to the initial drama or trauma. The drama or trauma may be passed over, the stress surrounding it may seen to disappear yet the subconscious habit remains causing ever increasing body ailments.

The sad part is we think this is normal in “getting old”
and unavoidable because it is part of the aging process.
Many do not realize the extent our overall beliefs and habits
are responsible for “aging.”

By paying closer attention to our minds, spirit and bodies, listening to them, and supporting rejuvenation from the inside/out we can restore our sense of balance, well-being, ease, grace and abundance in our life experiences through ordinary activities of daily living. This again occurs by being consciously aware, mindful through a whole body connection.

It is here at Veronique Inc that TCIM REJUVENATION EXPERIENCE begins. A diverse and exhilarating range of innovated techniques offered through the SPAS recommened by Veronique brings balance to ones life. Mindful balance allows one to experience the ultimate in rejuvenating the whole person. Add to that becoming consciously aware, mindful, through TCIM Training offers in the true value of real rest of the mind, the spirit and ultimately the body can augment energy, which over time can compensate the impact of imbalanced choices. Many confuse rest with amusements. Real rest is contemplative, receptive and highly transforming because it involves the practice of giving permission to being in the here and now.

The TCIM REJUVENATION EXPERIENCE is both an internal place where one can connect with ones balance in life, health, meaning, and purpose with the external spa experiences of nurturing the body. More than taking a spa vacation, either at a Day Spa or at a Destination Spa, it is a place where you can appreciate the moment and bring life into greater balance.

Traveling the world and exploring world-class spas Veronique personally and continuously seeks out the finest selection of local and destination spas to recommend.

We look for the purpose and good in everything and everyone and build from there. We love, laugh and live by celebrating the gifts within life and the unique gift that each and every one of us has to offer. If that seems a little challenging, come and play with us and we will share with you how celebrating each moment and each individual that crosses your path is really pretty simple.
~ Veronique
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