Unifying Love With the Wealth of Probabilities™ by Evolving Higher States of Consciousness Through the Subtleties of Energy

at the dinner table

These events have been postponed until the Covid-19 Pandemic has ended.

fueling life's magic

great food, better wines and
deep wisdom

This event promises to be rich in an imaginative style, taste & experience. Veronique, alongside the willing guests, will roll up their sleeves to cook a savory “one-of-a-kind” supper.

These events, in which the energy flows both ways, are about inspiration and preparation.  There will be less focus on precious perfection, and more focus on the sheer beauty of real food and stimulating conversations in the natural backdrop of a rejuvenating environment.

In this 2 hour interactive cooking experience with Veronique, she incorporates the ancient and in some cases lost wisdom that she reintroduces in her Freedom Is Internal System.

During your time with Veronique, she openly shares her love and expands upon this deep wisdom within any aspect of life, business, spirituality or any topic of your choice.

This experience speaks for itself.  It is a unique opportunity to nourish body, mind and spirit by interacting with a Master Mentor/Teacher in her private residence on a personal level.

Maximum attendance:  8
First Wednesday of the Month
7:00pm to 10:00pm
$150 per Seat.
Includes Food, Wine & Wisdom.

Once you pay for your seat, it is non refundable.  If you are unable to attend, you may want to pass it on as a gift.

“Dear Veronique;
You are a powerful source of inspiration and encouragement. Your deep understanding and skillful presentations shows how compassion and love will give us endless clarity and energy. You ground very precious teachings that give life a completely new meaning. You have deepened my awareness with your wisdom, many blessings.”
~ Joan K. Meditation Teacher

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