the 3 day ultimate retreat
detox, de-stress develop skills to stay grounded and in balance

Veronique has created her home to be a magical oasis that she personally shares with you in this 3 day retreat.

In this short, yet wisdom-packed 3 days she will impart Fung Shui (energy) wisdom so you can bring more balance in your home environment, ( bring a video of each room in your home – she will go room by room providing simple tweaks to bring more harmony in support of your energy).

She will additionally provide very specific wisdom about releasing tensions in the mental and emotional bodies so you can avoid exhaustion and more easily rejuvenate from any day. With these simple techniques to nurture the body, mind and spirit you gain a sense of wholeness and peace within self.  With peace and wholeness rooting it affords you the knowing that you have the freedom to fearlessly choose what you really want from life.

The restorative wisdom she shares for both the home and body creates a vibration of calm for those who tend to run out of gas so you can deeply attune yourself to a decisive focus and crisp thinking to realign what gets out of balance.

Included in your retreat package is a complete Hard Copy of The Freedom Is Internal System, your room (shared or private) has organic cotton bedding, essence oil defuser, salt lamp, reflexology foot roller, robe, slippers, ph balanced filtered water. Your bathroom is stocked with organic hair and bath toiletries. You receive two vegetarian meals a day to detox and recharge the body, lite dinner with one glass of wine in the evening… endless teas from around the world, and unless swims in the Mineral Rich and Gemstone infused Heated Pool and one muscle tune-up/ massage.

In this short time you can walk away with a sense of how simple it is to nurture yourself as a daily practice so you can continue to rejuvenate from stresses long after you leave this retreat.

Herein, you will take away how to maintain balance in self expression.

“The main reason I was drawn to this material is that when I came into Veronique’s home and as I spent time in her company, my own energy calmed, lightened and came to vibrate in a remarkably more consistent state of balance. I felt from her a tangible Love In Innocence expressing though her own uniqueness.  At the end of my stay with Veronique I knew, absolutely, that this was the next step for me, the essential step I had been longing for. The process to take me from wisdom to true deep knowing. To enable me to allow Love In Innocence, that I was certain still lived within me, to be my reality…..

….I wish you (all) love, light, and laughter on your unique journey into unconditional being!”

 ~ Miranda Wilson
Award Winning Actress,
Co Founder of The Lewes New School,
and Emotional Intelligence Coach.

about your retreat location

In the heart of Orlando, a magical and tranquil oasis has been created to invoke relaxation for the body, mind and spirit.

This nurturing environment is infused with therapeutic grade essence oils and spa-like amenities.  This retreat was created with the purpose of inspiring the spirit, giving wisdom to the soul and rejuvenation to the body.

Your stay includes a shared room, wifi, 5 star linens and towels, robes, slippers, organic bath and body products, 2 organic meals plus a snack daily, endless organic teas from around the world, and endless use of the Therapeutic Pool.

Whether you are enjoying the intoxicating scent of the sweet aroma of the different varieties of jasmine in full bloom during April or May, the tranquil setting of the outdoor dining surrounded by the zen-like bamboo,  the beautiful flowers of the irises, gardenias and hibiscus, or the wind chimes singing in the wind, each contribute to the serenity of this retreat which supports all of your senses being nurtured in this spa-like setting.

the nutrient-rich therapeutic treatment pool

“Veronique is a wonderful host. She indeed shares all of the luxuries she has experienced in her travels in her own home. I am so glad I followed her suggestion and got in the pool – perfect de-stressor after a long day of travel. Her generosity of spirit and with her well-loved home is remarkable. The sweet dogs and gorgeous art make me smile to reflect on.”

~ Linda,
Minneapolis, MN

Infused with the health benefits of minerals found in Himalayan salt… plus the added benefits of therapeutic grade lavender essence oil combined with the healing powers of quartz crystals, and gemstones – all combined create a water sanctuary for resting, refreshing and reviving our energy.

For thousands of years, ancient civilizations have utilized the power of crystals to facilitate the free flow of energy throughout the body. Our bodies are naturally receptive to these gifts from nature as their combined vibrations transmit, reflect, store light and receive energy.

Here you can submerge your body and move your limbs to allow the treatment to go deeper into your joints

relax into you

This retreat is about learning how to detox and de-stress while supporting the body and through food and surrounding environment.

“We thoroughly enjoyed Veronique’s and look forward to staying again. Veronique, herself, was delightful and professional and her ability to make guests feel at home was wonderful. Even my husband — usually very underwhelmed about such things — was “wowed” by the accommodations. Hard to beat that for an endorsement!”

~ Pamela,
Mountain Brook, AL
February, 2019

“Besides all of the amenities that go with a world-class spa accommodation, in this retreat environment, you receive the many aspects of love and its ability to nurture on a soul level. This allowed my mother to let go of some of her fears, which in turn allowed her to let go of using her cane.  She hasn’t used it since, and that was over 6 months ago!”

~ B. H.
Denver, CO
August, 2018

amenities included in your retreat package

Unlimited Teas from Around The World

Shared Rm w/ Robe, Slippers, Organic Bath & Body Products

Home-cooked Organic Vegetarian Meals & Snack

1- 30Min Massage + Unlimited use of Therapeutic Pool

add-on options

Private Room


Additional Massages

Private Session W/ V

Includes a hard copy version of The Freedom Is Internal System provided when you arrive.  If you have already purchased a hard copy version of the System, then you will be receive a complimentary 1/2 hour private session with Veronique during the retreat.

Veronique Thank you, my experience in your home was fantastic beautiful experience and magical!”

~ Carlos.
Silver Spring, MD
March, 2017