the different ways
veronique serves

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can be used at the same time or individually

the system

Veronique’s Signature System, ‘Freedom Is Internal’ was developed through the mystery and mastery that evolved from her life experiences.

Through your commitment and the simplicity of the process this System embodies, you naturally develop a state of being that brings out your internal brilliance which ignites the knowing of how to sustain freedom, happiness, ease, grace and abundance throughout life’s hills and valleys organizationally, professionally or personally.

mentoring & consultations with veronique

Throughout the 30 years of Veronique’s role as a Master Teacher, countless business and individuals have recognized the power of her mastery as extraordinary because she possesses elevated & ancient wisdom from many different sources.  This level of wisdom gave her the ability to get to the core of any type of challenge that is keeping you from realizing your dreams in 15 minutes or less.  100% of her clients have reported bull’s eye accuracy in her ability to provide clear & simple direction and guidance into having the state of being to live their dreams, personally, professionally and/or organizationally, (and to use her trademark phrase) sooner rather than later™.

If you have purchased the Freedom Is Internal System, and you are ready, willing and able to employ and be responsible for the wisdom she imparts, you have found a Master Teacher that will help you ground the dreams you passion more simply than you can conceive.

at the dinner table

“Let’s cook!”

Veronique offers an exclusive interactive dinner for 10 in her personal residence.

This evening event is an opportunity to explore the intricacies of life and the state of being which expands all possibilities into probabilities with a Master Teacher teaching subtleties.  Wisdom abound, great food, parred with better wines and exhilarating conversations in the exploration of life, this is a memory to cherish and not miss out on.

The ‘At The Dinner Table’ experience is available for anyone in the Orlando area at the time of the event. All you have to do is secure your seat on the next page.

Menu cost is per person.
Seats are limited to 8 people

the retreat experience


Are you ready to elevate your spirit and your home into a nourishing, rejuvenating inner and outer sanctuary that continually balances, thereby growing your happiness, freedom and prosperity?

If your answer is “Yes”, then don’t miss out on this 3 day retreat in Veronique’s personal residence.

In this mini resort like setting, Veronique will share her mastery in how the subtleties make the difference in having a home environment that is in tune with your unique spirit.  Within this harmony and balance, you can easily shed everyday stresses and recharge so engaging in another day becomes simple, joyful and rewarding.

webinars, podcasts &

Studio Microphone in Radio Station with Female Host Using Control Panel and Sound Mixer In Background

Veronique’s enlightening shows are filled with business and spiritual insights and how she combines them. Submit your questions 1 week prior.  Questions are randomly chosen and answered on the webinar.

– The podcasts are where Veronique shares deeper wisdom

– The webinars hare where Veronique answers questions that you send in

– The classes are where Veronique gives assignments in addition to answering questions and are only offered to those who have purchased the system

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