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“Awareness is the power that each of us has to build for ourselves a quality life
even if we feel our unalienable rights are increasingly encroached upon.”
~ Veronique

The Covid -19 Pandemic has changed our world and us in it. Coping with new financial, emotional, physical stresses that may have piled up around our jobs, education and life in general can be exhausting. Some of these stresses can be major, and some coming from simply learning how to navigate staying safe and still have some portion of the life we once enjoyed and possibly took for granted. We are all experiencing the change in our world that we may want to go away. Veronique’s skill & wisdom is here to support us in focusing on changing a world we don’t want into something we would love & passion instead of feeling our only option is to be entrapped in the fear of an ever-changing world.

Veronique’s way of serving in  ‘The Service Circle®’ is by offering her 14 day personally instructed training complimentary when you pay-it-forward to another individual who could benefit ***. This is a unique & empowering solution that will not only support you during this pandemic, additionally it provides an overall unshakeable foundation you will be able to build upon for the rest of your life.

Accredited with many honorary titles, to learn from Veronique is priceless. Her extraordinary skills & gifts support you in becoming aware sooner, rather than later. Her Mastery in so many different areas allows you to seize opportunities that are there despite what you may perceive with your current circumstances.  If you want to know more about the titles bestowed upon her, go to the “About V” page.

Veronique will accelerate your ability to either/or:

1) realize what you are currently doing IS what you truly want and support you in empowering yourself so you reduce the struggle with your current choice, or
2) become clear on what you truly want and focus your energy and intention on that so you place yourself on an accelerated path to fully have what you passion in your life.

In the end, you will strengthen your ability to harness the power to build a quality life no matter the outward circumstances and in the shortest time deemed possible is the power the Freedom Is Internal Collection’s System awakens in you.

What is the Concept of the Service Circle®?


Veronique material and guidance is also highly beneficial to individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide. Her Methodology has been wildly successful when applied within the business or personal world.

Veronique can align your sub-conscious communication to increase your brands trust and even attraction new customers. You stand to gain a distinct advantage within your industry by incorporating a powerful mindset shift.  She offers specialized programs and training tailored to her clients. Find out how your personal life or business can evolve and grow to the next level by contacting Veronique below.

The Philosophy of the Service Circle©

Incorporate the philosophy of the Service Circle® into your business for lasting growth and success

Remember, how you do something is how you do everything.

Whether in business or in life, the Service Circle© trademarked and created by Veronique Inc. is a path of obtaining, and building consistent abundance through the circle of service. Here’s how it works:
service circle

Family: immediate, extended, & close friends

The Service Circle® is a copyrighted tool created by Veronique Inc. Businesses use this tool within their culture to present to their employees the vital importance of being in “service”, from the heart, and how this “circle of service” supports the prosperity and continual operation of your business and ultimately the professional and monetary success of everyone.  Individuals can use this same tool within their own family and eventually their community as well.

When we enter into relationships; professional, business, or personal, we have the opportunity to enter from the “point of view” of “serving others.” Through service we are supported in to a consciousness that encourages respect, and gratitude for what we have been given, from the inside-out through the Service Circle® we learn the “art of serving wholeheartedly”, through the joy of giving in an earned and “balance exchange”.

The Service Circle® establishes experiences, where it officially conveys that the business first “serves” its employees through its very existence, then the employees “serve” the Clients/Customers through their dedication to them by providing the best in their industry. The clients/customers then in turn “serve” the business by continually returning to receive services, telling their friends and family members. This “service” in the community positively grows a business.

Incorporate the Service Circle® in
Your Business and Personal Life


Veronique will provide master level teaching in her 14 straight day classes that meet for 15 minutes in the morning & 15 minutes in the evening.  Attendance of classes will accelerate your ability to receive what you want in your life.



  • Participating in daily Virtual Classes with Veronique –14 days straight 7 days a week -morning and evening classes. (Classes will be recorded.)
  • Purchase System & give to someone who would use this wisdom***
  • Provide a success story to veroniquecorbett.com

At the end of the classes:

  • provide your success story / audio testimonial to be published on our website & other mediums
  • purchase a System for someone else & share your success with someone you feel will benefit from this wisdom & who will commit to the Service Circle®.

You have 30 days to do your part of the Service Circle® or you will be charged the price of the group class ($4660).



$944: Includes Hard Copy of The Freedom Is Internal Collection’s System to purchase for someone else

***In The Service Circle®, understand that in supporting others is about being aware of those around you who truly want change in their lives and are willing to be responsible to do what it takes to create that change.  You are simply supporting others to have more success in their lives much more simply & gracefully in less time by sharing your successes in using the System. As a result, you are serving them in receiving the support that can transform their lives in whatever area they want to focus on, and you are also serving yourself in receiving complimentary training directly with a Master Teacher who is knowledgeable in many areas.

Application For Attendance

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