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The Choice Is Mine Student Enrichment Program is unique
in its ability to provide supplemental self enrichment for
students additionally supporting staff, and the family
unit alike.

Delivered in a two volume, self-paced course, its purpose
is to enrich students and teachers alike in classroom situations
or to be easily applied at home. The nature of The Choice
Is Mine builds interest and excitement for learning. This
unique and pioneering enrichment program provides
a solid pathway that builds esteem, builds confidence, encourages
academic achievement, develops interpersonal skills, and
improves student attendance. Students
will end up empowered in such a way that their classroom
performance improves, as well as their relationships with
other students and teachers.

We provide our supplemental support and
professional development based around THE CHOICE IS MINE System (TCIM INSIDE/OUT Training)
onsite, or through a teleseminar format.

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powerful support to youth in your school system today

Testimonials to the effectiveness

I had the honor of having Billy Murphy in my Business Technology
class last year. Billy maintained an A average throughout the semester.
He was a pleasure, helpful, organized, and very respectful student. Even
when he was absent a few days, Billy came in for open lab in the morning
to make up his work.
Billy joined Business Professionals of American in 2007.
This is an organization well known for creating future Business Leaders
through competitions in a variety of business subjects. He was elected
by his peers to be Vice-President of the Chain of Lakes Chapter. Billy
went to State and Nationals (New York City) with me, and demonstrated
exceptional leadership qualities in competitions and chapter functions.
On a personal level, I wish I could have a lot more Billy
Murphy’s in my classes. He was a great student and person, and
has a wonderful future ahead of him in whatever path he takes.
His parents should be very proud to have raised a nice young man.
Cyrena A. Utke
7th Technology and BPA Advisor

Billy Murphy is an exemplary student.
He is always willing to help. I had him in Art in the seventh grade during
the 06-07 school year. After accomplishing some nice art pieces, he was
always willing to clean up his table as well as clean the general lab
space, and help and encourage his fellow classmates to do the same.
When Billy was picked on by a student that was trying to
make trouble, Billy reacted in a very positive fashion to
that student, which foiled the behavior plan of the other
Billy Murphy was always very pleasant to me and to all of
his teachers. I also noticed that he was a very integral
part of the BPA (Business Professionals Association) . He
was always willing to help outside of school hours to do
fundraisers so his group could attend conferences and competitions.
All around, Billy is an INCREDIBLE student that makes teaching
a very worthwhile cause! He not only tries to do his best
in everything but also MODELS incredibly positive behaviors
for the students in his class to follow!
Even though you are not assigned to my class this year, Billy,
I sincerely wish you the best in your future. Students like
you become the leaders of tomorrow! 🙂
Sandy Zaccagnini,

M.A. _ART Teacher _Chain of Lakes Middle School

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**We are an
approved vendor for the NYC School System**

We begin at the beginning, teaching them
to work with and
not against, honoring the beauty and strengthening their
unique skills/talents and supporting their inner guidance
system (the intuition) as a way to

The goal of
our youth programs is for each youth to discover their
inner brilliance, respect, and
honor one and another
as they create the greatness of the next generation.

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We look for the purpose and good in everything and everyone and build from there. We love, laugh and live by celebrating the gifts within life and the unique gift that each and every one of us has to offer. If that seems a little challenging, come and play with us and we will share with you how celebrating each moment and each individual that crosses your path is really pretty simple.
~ Veronique
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