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Management & leadership, seminars, courses, journals, books and articles are overloaded with numerous approaches to forming a foundation for strategic planning. There are so many various components within all these different approaches we could, if we wanted to, debate endlessly all the WHAT to do’s. I like things simple… I think this stems from being dyslexic so, let me cut through the ya da ya das and offer a simple formula for beginning any strategic plan:

Whether you apply this formula to your business, your personal or your family goals this formula, a framework for life, can cross culture for small businesses, entrepreneurship, larger organizations and individuals alike… to turn your plans into consistent results that build health, wealth and freedom in your life… when you use it.

The basic philosophy within the systems I offer and the programs I have put together to execute these systems are for reducing time and energy in to your plan for life… to give you more more time to enjoy life, family and friends, as will as increase financial flows. Bottom line, plans must work for you… let’s look at this fact… many very successful people make a tremendous amount of money, but their relationships or health is going down the tubes. That plan is working against them NOT for them. Some individuals consider themselves spiritual or geniuses creativity, and they are either riding the fine line of being broke and or in constant struggle… that plan is working against them NOT for them.

Hi, my name is Veronique, years ago I was nodding my head YES to all of the above statements… NO MORE. If you were nodding your head and silently saying to yourself “that’s me” to at least some of above statements, you’ve come to the right place to end this cycle of BURN-OUT and instead compound prosperity.


Many salons/spas are challenged to get their mission, vision, values and goals communicated and executed down to the various positions within the business, let alone getting it all the way down to the individual level where everybody is on the same page and takes personal ownership for growth.

The graphic below illustrates a basic strategic plan. From this pinnacle point we combine THE CHOICE IS MINE System to cascade the heart and soul of the business to the individual level.


Using the framework pictured above gives is a practical approach to turning a strategic plan into results. From here we add the heart and soul of the business to goals that have been clarified and focused, to compound and continue to grow possibilities into realities.

There are three phases within our system that we specifically create for you.

1) We analyze 2) design and 3) execute a strategic plan to achieve the results necessary for you to be way ahead of the game.

From Possibilities to Performance

At the beginning of the day it’s all about possibilities.

At the end of the day, it’s all about performance.

Almost all companies consider the possibilities, but only winners turn possibilities into performance. THE CHOICE IS MINE system (TCIM) cuts through the clutter to help you consistently execute your mission, vision, values and goals to achieve the results you need to WIN!

To your best always.


Stop the Burn-Out
in your Salon/Spa.

We look for the purpose and good in everything and everyone and build from there. We love, laugh and live by celebrating the gifts within life and the unique gift that each and every one of us has to offer. If that seems a little challenging, come and play with us and we will share with you how celebrating each moment and each individual that crosses your path is really pretty simple.
~ Veronique
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