Unifying Love With Wealth™ by Evolving Higher States of Consciousness

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These classes are on a 1st come 1st serve basis.  Reserve your spot today to secure your attendance.  Registration closes 24 hrs before the day of the 1st class.

All sessions are remote via Zoom or Skype

Veronique’s one-on-one dream catching supports individuals on an accelerated path to naturally implement the wisdom found in the System into their daily life which automatically brings ease, grace and abundance.

“….in all my years of taking personal development training, Veronique is the first and only person who has not inserted herself or what she thought was best for me into the training system. She comes from the pure truth and that is all she shares. She allowed me to determine how it was true for me and that allowed me to go faster than anything I have ever studied before.”
– Veronica V. (Connecticut)

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The date you select is the 1st date of the 14 day class.  It includes both morning and evening 15 minute classes.  If you are unable to make this class start date, select the soonest start date you are able to.

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