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becoming the change we wish to see

Hello… Veronique again… As a former people pleasing gal, I spent most of my late teens, early and middle adulthood fantasizing about how I wanted to go from feeling broken to whole so I could live a life I loved.
No matter my fantasies, life never got close to how I envisioned it.

when i was done fantasizing and was ready to make it happen this is when my journey began.

Even in my fantasizing days I knew there was something missing because I was not measuring up to some imaginary standard of what was considered normal.

From this place of always experiencing a super undesirable void, I began realizing I had to become aware of when I started to feel this emptiness and what got me there.

what were my habitual beliefs, thoughts, even my words that kept me more focused on what i may have been obsessing about… my looks, clothes, weight, work, confidence (the lack thereof) or an endless search for ‘the one’… valid as these may be, instead what i was longing for was something far more passionate, deeper and unchangeable.

Somehow I knew that an expanded fulfillment, peace, security and a vast bliss went beyond what was considered normal. All of this was close because I felt it buried inside of me. I just had to be willing to ignite it again.

Yet in that moment I did not know how.

With a really loud call to the heavens in the next breath the moment changed.

I found and opened a door that led me into a world that revealed secrets that were hidden under normalcy.
The simple yet brilliant wisdom I discovered placed a floodlight on the fact that these secretes were there in front of me all along.  I just could not see them.  This mind bending, deeply connected and soul freeing paradigm transported me to another dimension where soul, heart & mind melted into one rippling wave through my entire body.  I uncovered a world rich & receptive to where anything is probable including a love so innocent it allowed me to be connected to myself.  In this innocence, I immediately became replenished, nurtured and glowing from my own inner garden.  With this new way of me responding to life, it made attaining what I wanted simpler that I thought was possible, and a whole lot more fun than regurgitating upsets, and fear.

i am not here to give you more rules or more should or should nots … with an open heart, mind and hand extended in friendship i am offering total transparency of the outrageous mind-blowing simplicity of wakening to a fiery passion for life as a natural state of being…
it begins with your soul

If you are ready & willing, I want to support you in reconnecting you to the passion of your soul as it reminds you that you were meant to live a heaven on earth… no matter a $^&*# pandemic. With a clear passion from the soul, your heart can come online in how it would love to express that passion. From here, your mind can jump in and take expressing what you love into right action.  I accomplish this deep soul awakening and self actualization through the FREEDOM IS INTERNAL SYSTEM and my unbridled mentoring.
Interested in a Heaven on Earth?… All you gotta do is Take Action…

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