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In the THE CHOICE IS MINE INSIDE/OUT Out-There Training one begins to realize and experience miracles felt and not seen. The understanding of miracles as a way to be rather than something that only happens to a select few. Discovering how we are all connected opens doors of realties that make sense once you become a consciously aware, Mindful Life Architect.™

Out-There Experiences (mystical) and modern sciences appear to oppose each other. Out-There Experiences are generally considered experiential and holistic. Out-There Experiences are sometimes held beyond general acceptance; where overtly analytical modern philosophy, psychology, biology, and physics appears more accepted by what is considered the norm.

What is interesting about what is considered the norm of today
is how throughout history mystical and philosophical thoughts
were closely entwined.

Those that were considered great thinkers of their day, and continue to be considered great thinkers even in the 21st century, Plato and Pythagoras and to a lesser level Socrates had clear mystical elements in their teachings; many of the great Christian mystics were also prominent philosophers, and certainly Buddha’s teachings demonstrated highly analytical treatments of mystical ideas.

All in all these shared understandings occur repeatedly in the field of philosophy and yet some persist in disapproving one over the other. The pursuit of higher knowledge in the realm of physics has been accepted for much of history as inseparable from understanding the mind of God – including the 20th c. comment by Albert Einstein that "God does not play dice," referring to the unfathomable discoveries of quantum physics. The constant division between mysticism and the modern sciences derives mainly from elements of certain branches of the natural sciences; broadly disavowing subjective experiences as meaningless, misunderstanding the limitations of the ancient languages. That said, different areas of study in biology and philosophy address the same issues that concern the mystics. Even more interesting is modern physicists now struggle to understand a multiple dimensional reality that mystics’ have attempted to describe for millennia. Physicist David Bohn speaking of consciousness expressing itself as matter and/or energy would be completely understood by the mystic, whatever their cultural/religious heritage.

The desire to know
is apart of the innate nature of all humans
either physicists or mystics.

The (out there) mystic’s attempt to describe cause and effect between one’s internal state and the miraculous, hints at a close connection between psychological stability (healthy ego integration) and the mysterious realm of causality quantum physicists are now making sense of – dimensional reality shifts that synchronize with states of consciousness and non-conflicting choices.

In the TCIM INSIDE/OUT Out-There Training you become a consciously aware, Mindful Life Architect.™ This course can only be taken after 12 consecutive months of training in the other training divisions.

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