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“….in all my years of taking personal development training, Veronique is the first and only person who has not inserted herself or what she thought was best for me into the training system. She comes from the pure truth and that is all she shares. She allowed me to determine how it was true for me and that allowed me to go faster than anything I have ever studied before.”
– Veronica V. (Connecticut)

The Benefit of Veronique as Your Mentor.

Veronique’s gift and skill enables her to energetically identify within the first 5 minutes of a session the major road block that is holding an individual back from having ones highest priority manifested.

From the point of identifying the road block the rest of the journey you take in the Mentoring Program you choose is supporting you in internally LETTING GO – misperceptions built around the block and resolving the misperceptions on a DNA level so you can have what you want sooner rather than later™and consistently.

The endless testimonials from what others have experienced in working with Veronique is that in every encounter she has been able to assist an individual or business in quickly shifting problems in a short period of time with the results you passion to be lasting.




how you benefit from having a mentor

From Forbes Magazine article by Steven Berglas:

  1. Mentors Are Inspiring
  2. Nothing Brings About Success Like Walking Through The Right Doors
  3. It’s Hard To Develop EQ By Reading a Book
  4. A Spiritual Guide Is The Best Anti-anxiety Treatment on Earth
  5. You Need Not Be “To The Manor Born” To Have Baronial Credentials
  6. Mentors Know What It Takes To Succeed Professionally
  7. Mentors Know What It Takes To Succeed  Spiritually

Through her astonishing journeys and enlightening discoveries, she has successfully turned a life of pain and abuse into knowing that life is truly lived through internal freedom, love, and abundance. As an adult, she committed herself to overcoming the crippling beginnings of her youth. (She was devoted with the single thought of her children having a brighter future.) Living her childhood, adolescence, and early adult years with the undiscovered effects of dyslexia, destructively affected both her ability to learn in a traditional manner and her self-worth. Veronique overturned the effects of this dysfunction through her consistent and focused dedication to be love. Veronique’s passion and drive to understand the simplicities of pure love, and to do whatever it took to understand and live it, sent her on incredible voyages taking her around the world and into the presence of many powerful Masters who gifted her with the memory of her insightful knowing of her past enlightenment. Her transformational experiences assisted her to remember the innocence of love, a love that empowers us to know everyone can choose to live in pain, lack, and illness or to live in joy, abundance, and health.

Veronique is a true master and example of living the empowering principles in her writings. Using this power of love, she was able to do something she had never done, nor was she able to do before in her life, which was to create a deeply heart felt poem to describe the innocence of love, and shortly after, create a letter to herself that was formatted in a way that allows the words to directly connect with the subconscious mind and reprogram it to begin allowing the innocence of love.

She shares her sacred gift and transforming experiences in her personal journals. They intertwine an unfolding adventure of life with the unshakable power of love. Veronique’s poetic style describes her quest for the awakening of the spirit and the senses, providing the vital tools to unlock the personal power of pure love within all of us.

The insight and wisdom from the ancient Masters helps to clear overgrown life paths. So often, our souls, spirits, and minds have forgotten that innocence and pure love are essential elements in achieving self-mastery and living fully the life of our dreams. Veronique’s empathic and intuitive guidance leads us on a journey to discover what our spirits already know—that, by being open and willing to clear stagnant energy and alter destructive thought forms, we overcome the delusions that create illusionary perceptions, hiding who we are: pure love. Our potential becomes as vast and limitless as the universe.

In one swift move of fate, Veronique found herself homeless, living on the streets. By persevering to “be” love, she created a miracle and raised herself above these extreme circumstances. She is, today, a living testament to wisdom, which prevails over the seemly insurmountable, overwhelming, and debilitating obstacles. Through a miracle of her own making, she rose out of her deep inner reflection with profound wisdom which created a day of awakening for her, a day of wonder, excitement, and an inner knowing that tears could join with laughter to be felt and loved as one.

Veronique challenges the greatness in each of us to find our own inner strength and love of self. Her unique, differentiating wisdom emphasizes no real right or wrong, only “what is”: fear or pure love. Veronique’s wisdom takes spiritual awareness to an expanded level and then grounds it, to live fully, deeply, richly, free of self-imposed limitations. She affirms the ego is to be nurtured rather than repressed, allowed and encouraged to become strong and healthy, returning to its birthright of being love. It is when the ego—the true self—is altered by fear and judgment that we find ourselves floundering. Veronique empowers us to remember a far deeper love and compassion for self, and others, irregardless of the situation. Miracles happen, providing we are open and willing to accept them.

Veronique started a foundation, The Enlightened Heart Foundation, with a vision to help support children, adolescents, and adults to “return to the love of self ” through giving her wisdom, time, and unconditional love to better their life situations.

Veronique is the loving mother of 3 children, 4 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.

veronique's 3 month mastery program

Veronique’s record for success in supporting others in having what they honestly want is 100% due to her Mastery in surfacing vital subtleties that are necessary to the success and longevity of any venture. Her legendary approach drives quality results by bringing out your best through an individualized game plan that makes the difference in securing the success you passion to be both simple to attain and lasting.

Her Mastery in understanding energy, the communication we have with ourselves and others and the importance in nurturing oneself lays the groundwork for you to know how to struggle less, be clear on what you want, maintain balance – even during change or upsets – that can then create a healthy, abundant and happy life.

She can become a trusted friend who wants and expects the best from you and will challenge you to perform at your best. After the retreat you can work with her through Skype/ via the phone for individual consulting sessions, her mentoring programs, or simply join her on her free webinar to feel connected to someone who can objectively offer impactful advice.

Her purpose is to guide you to your truest self without regrets.

Contact us for your complimentary evaluation – pricing will be set per your business, professional or personal requirements for the goals you want to set and the length of time you want to achieve them in.

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how veronique serves her clients

business consulting

Veronique’s System moves businesses from the brink of failure and places them back into the path of achievement through implementing the methodology from the
Freedom Is Internal System in a business environment.

personal mentoring

Veronique’s one-on-one mentoring supports individuals on an accelerated path to naturally implement the wisdom found in the System into their daily life which automatically brings ease, grace
and abundance.

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