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destiny requires action

The Freedom Is Internal System is a practical guide of living quantum physics
because it unites the spirit and matter as one complete unit to live through in clarity & simplicity.

We begin with giving you our 100% guarantee
that you will have your business or life the way you really, really want it in record time
-without sacrificing- your health, relationships, integrity,
lowering your income or resources, etc to serve another part of your life…
in fact, it will catapult your life into what you would love it to be.

If you’re thinking there’s a catch, you’re absolutely right… there is… – the catch is you –
you must to do your part, yet don’t sweat it, it’s extremely simple.
Seems too good to be true?
Nope, it’s true.  Having a work / life balance is as natural as breathing.

“At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to assist you.”
― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

 Before we begin, here is a question to ask yourself…

why are you here?

Over the years of providing the Freedom Is Internal System what I have come to know, impeccably, is that you are not here by any outside force.


“You can’t get away from yourself by moving from one place to another “
~ Hemmingway

if you're gonna move, how about taking the best 'you' with you

before we begin

We are going to ask you
a yes or no question


to have what you want

are you willing “to be”
accountable and responsible, unconditionally?



if you hesitate in any way

to answer, “absolutely,” then save your money & time, because the level of power that this solution offers will escape your grasp.


if you say "yes i am willing"

Our solution is an exciting journey into knowing
is an action you must take before the result you’re hungry for can ever materialize.

Those who have crossed our path have had the probing question as to – WHY – regardless of the path of study or support they used that gave them undeniable changes, they fell short in securing the vocation they passioned, or they didn’t receive what they expected and longed for, or the changes they worked so hard to achieve were not long-lasting, or they were simply unhappy.
Even though these businesses and individuals were different their question was the same….

Why Is This Happening?

This question has been answered since the 80’s for countless businesses, professionals and individuals when they discovered
the Freedom Is Internal System.

If you’re curious, discover like a zillion others that no matter where they started from, or where they wanted to end up, or whatever they were studying, or whatever education they were using to advance their life, this simple System is a trusted partner that strongly roots whatever you passion for your life to be like.

or listen to the audios/explore this site
to know if this solution is for you

destiny is what we make in spite of our fate


destiny vs fate

Why You Should Consider Investing in Yourself

Because — destiny is what we make
in spite of our fate.  At times we price shop, read reviews, want to get the best deal we can. It’s natural. When purchasing easily comparable products and the experience we’re looking for, that’s when we choose to pay to have what we want.
The Freedom Is Internal System is the investment that will guarantee the destiny you passion, sooner rather than later™.

command vs. control

What Makes Sense

When the outcome is seriously important to the success you want, commanding what you love into your life keeps you out of the pitfalls of attempting to control any aspect that life puts you in.
The Freedom Is Internal System is simple to implement and replaces control that only creates loss, lack & illness into knowing how to command from a position of strength, love & compassion that will then garnish you ease, grace & abundance into your life consistently.

freedom within commitment

What Makes Even More Sense

Freedom is a by product
of being committed to living what you love by being real with yourself vs. settling out of fear.  Allow the journey to prepare you to have what you love.

Using this System, unlimited freedom & abundance begin to easily flow to you
(again, using the trademark of this system),
sooner rather than later™.

challenges as opportunities

Juggling All the Hats

When starting something new family-business-vocation, you will wear a number of hats within a massive learning curve. There’s a tendency to feel overwhelmed which usually produces shoddy choices that end up creating slim resources.

The wisdom from this System is the guide that makes all the difference between succeeding and continuing to struggle unnecessarily in a gerbil wheel of spending a lot of energy and ending up at the same place.

help is more than a 4 letter word

The FREEDOM IS INTERNAL SYSTEM is a rock-star guide. It’s a partner you can lean on, moment to moment, day after day, at each new twist and turn in your journey.

This System guides and supports you in generating an ever evolving traction that prevents getting overwhelmed quickly so you can have what you want without sacrificing your health, finances or relationships.


your most valuable asset is you

Emulate Love

The quickest way to attract what you love into your life is to implement what works all the time. What works all the time is you being you through the love of being in absolute integrity to self and others simultaneously -no matter what.
The secret to lasting success
in any life circumstance
is using love in innocence over
underlying anger/fear-based responses.
This System is your simple and very effective guide to remembering how to attract through this innocence.

transformation that masters lasting success & fulfillment
~by veronique

since 1989 veronique has lived through her knowing that it is everyone’s god-given right to live what they love.

can be your steady partner in accomplishing what you want
in all aspects of your life…
not just some of the time… all of the time
so life can be as you passion it to be
because it supports building and maintaining a strong root system.
Veronique’s record for success is 100% due to her Mastery in surfacing vital subtleties that are necessary to the success and longevity of any venture

Why I love this work


Lost time is never found again
~Benjamin Franklin

So we suggest that if your heart is calling you to this material, then

don't hesitate

if you choose to work with this System
do so from your heart

A right Heart exceeds all.
~Benjamin Franklin

If your heart is calling you back to Love in Innocence, don’t hesitate.
Here is where you can begin.

Who Benefits From this System?


this system simultaneously supports in the following areas:


Why strategies don’t always work


Have and/or revive the career you love


Be your own kind of remarkable

Countless individuals have benefited from this System, from those just wanting to reduce/eliminate stress, be happy, prosperous and free to live what they love, all the way to those who were going through traumatic circumstances. The uniqueness & simplicity of this System makes it the cornerstone for all of us to remember to nurture ourselves while helping others through emergencies or different life stages. Because of its universal nature, it easily translates to professional & business environments.

The Freedom Is Internal System, TCIM Training and Veronique’s Retreats have become the super-food supplement for the body, mind & spirit due to the unique & simple way it is able to root what enables success to build naturally upon itself and be long lasting.

the basic principles of the universe


success stories

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