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TCIM approach to INSIDE/OUT Employee Training is a progressive training of three program modules. Each module offers a different program which builds upon becoming increasingly aware of the subtle communications which affects attaining corporate goals easily, gracefully and abundantly. Each program module builds upon itself and is designed to take employees to a level of confidence and strength, ensuring healthy, happy employees that have superior performances in the workplace.

Understanding the Need

Whether we are conducting a 1-day workshop, a three week tele-conference communication skills course or a long-term (3-12 month) executive management and employee development programs, our first step is to increase our understanding of the organization and to clarify for ourselves, and if necessary for our client, the specific aspects of job performance which need improvement. In this process, we develop an insider’s perspective of the organization, including the culture and work environment. We are intensely curious about technical aspects of our clients’ work and the relationship between technical and organizational processes. Over the years, TCIM Training has utilized numerous effective communication strategies to support client needs prior to designing a strategy for training.

• Individual interviews with employee participants, supervisors, colleagues, and subordinates.
• Feedback assessments for individuals and teams,
• Research about the organization and the industry,
• Observation of current performance on the job,
• Competency studies

Designing in Collaboration with the Client

Once we have gained insights into the organization and specific performance issues, we share findings with our clients and together identify improvement steps, which are linked to specific business goals. We then propose training objectives and activities that will directly meet the learning needs of the employee participants and the organization as a whole. In this process, we are respectful of the desired level of client/employee involvement. We are happy to work side by side with our clients in developing the training design, or to work independently and review the design with our clients’ prior training implementation.

Delivering Targeted Training

Prior a training program, participants are involved in pre-course work including self-appraisals and feedback instruments to help focus the attention of the participants on what will be emphasized in the training and why it is important to them individually and to the organization.

In the delivery of training courses, TCIM INSIDE/OUT Training consistently uses principles of subtle communication with self and others and experiential training methodology. TCIM Course design and delivery incorporates a flexible structure of classroom activities, simulations, and actual experiences in “real life” situations.

• stress individual learning goals and application
• place a heavy emphasis on practicing new skills
• include opportunities for feedback from peers & colleagues
• include coaching and individual attention
• have a low trainer to participant ratio
• are implemented with a team training approach

TCIM INSIDE/OUT training programs challenge participants to get involved, to look at how they are doing their jobs, and to recognize that there are indeed ways to improve performance. Participants have commented that we present a concept or skill clearly and succinctly, and then give them a chance practice it in their own situation. They immediately recognize that what they are doing is relevant to the challenges they face on the job.

Making Training Part of a Larger Learning Process

Successful training is built on the recognition that a training course is part of a longer-term organizational learning process and that many people have a role in helping this learning come about. We help our clients examine the entire process to determine what can be done before, during, and after the training to lead to the greatest benefit for participants and the organization as a whole. When such actions are taken, participants enter a training program knowing why they are attending, and what will be expected of them as a result. Nurturing the training process in this way does not necessarily require a great deal of time or resources, but it can make a world of difference in enhancing the sustainability of skill utilization. TCIM offers services that reinforce the application of skills on the job. These include:
• follow-up coaching
• short refresher workshops
• newsletters/graduate updates
• web-based resources

Best Result for the Investment

By working closely with our clients to provide customized programs, TCIM INSIDE/OUT TRAINING offers the best possible result for the investment in training and employee skill development from the inside/out. As compared to expensive off-the-shelf programs, our customized training achieves a higher impact by being directly linked to organizational goals. Further, by tailoring our programs to the needs of participants, there is a significantly higher degree of transfer of knowledge and skills to on-the-job performance. Finally, TCIM INSIDE/OUT TRAINING helps organizations use training as part of a larger process to achieve business goals, and not as an isolated event.


Healthy, happy employees do
not just happen. With Veronique Inc’s powerful TCIM training
programs, employees’- gain unconditional responsible attitudes
ever supporting attainment of corporate goals profitably
while lessening stress and confrontations in the work environment.
Coming from a more
balanced and productive place can attract and balance astonishing
business experiences as stress releases become automatic.

This intensive program builds upon itself, gaining astounding benefits of:

PROGRAM ONE Creating a healthful work environment from the inside/out.

PROGRAM TWO Integrating stress management into the daily work environment for a peaceful mindfulness that will become a roadmap to inspire the energy for each employee to be at their best.

PROGRAM THREE Designing an employee confidence/skill-building program from the inside/out that fits your corporate structure using TCIM subtle communication training.

Our experts will work with you to develop a customized program that will become the foundation of expanded business successes.

What We Do In Detail

A Healthy Work Environment

There’s no denying that a healthy work environment is a top concern for most employees. Review any employee satisfaction survey and you’re apt to find this issue among the top five concerns of your staff ø sometimes above the issue of pay.

What a healthy work environment looks like is unique for every corporate culture. This is where our evaluation supports us in creating a custom training unique to your corporation for creating this environment.

So how do you know if your organization provides a safe, healthy environment for employees? Well, there are some signs to look for.

1. Employees laugh often.
Generally, humor is a sign of comfort. Employees that feel comfortable with co-workers and have joy in their work will exhibit laughter throughout the day. Joy adds to creativity and productively. TCIM INSIDE/OUT Training teaches employees how to balance responsibility with joy.

2. Employees freely share their ideas.
Does management truly have an open-door policy? Employees need a safe environment to share their ideas. Most employees have an opinion about how to make things better. Lack of unsolicited feedback from staff may indicate that they do not feel safe in presenting their opinions.

3. Employee values and expectations are clear.
Staff must know what is expected from them. Codes of conduct, expectations of behavior on the job, and professional values must be included in each job description, and reviewed at each performance evaluation.

4. We work simply.
Frivolous demands and activities can add stress to an already busy schedule. You’d be surprised how many non-essential duties staff are asked to perform. Some are hidden. How many reports and activities are collecting the same data?

5. Our organization is reasonably orderly and comfortable.
A cluttered, disorganized environment is not healthy. A healthy work environment is also comfortable. How many chairs do you have that employees refuse to sit on because they are uncomfortable? Why are they still around?

6. Employees have strong connections with others.
A link to the community is a sign of caring. Encourage and reward staff that volunteer outside of work. Have a special event that the organization supports as a whole.

Creating a healthy work environment is possible. First, make having a healthy work environment a priority. Then, look for the above indicators. Some areas you have control others you do not. Lastly, support actions that encourage improvements in the above areas.


Integrating stress/change liberation into the daily work environment for a peaceful, balanced mindfulness that will become a roadmap to inspire the energy for each employee to be at their best.


This is a practical stress/change liberation course designed to support employees in how to reduce stress by understanding how to balance pressure from the inside/out. They will learn how to stay more in command of themselves as pressure increases so they can still perform well and achieve results. Employees will also learn how to relax quickly in any situation, keep confidence and energy levels high, and begin to achieve the work/home/life balance.

Stress Management training Benefits

• Techniques to reduce stress and achieve more by handling pressure better
• The ability to recognise and immediately address the early warning signs of stress
• Ways to relax quickly in real-life situations
• Methods to keep confidence and energy levels high
• Clarification of the work/life balance they personally want
• Ways to take more control of their life and reactions in pressured situations

Stress/Change Liberation Course
“Mindful Awareness: A Simple Solution to complex problems”

To book this Stress/Change Liberation Course as an in-house program click here ($4100 per day for up to 10 employees) Please note it does not include catering, venue costs if held outside the client’s corporation location and if you have more than 10 people attending each additional employee will be charged $275.00 each.
THE CHOICE IS MINE System (TCIM INSIDE/OUT Training) is included.

TCIM INSIDE/OUT Training designs and delivers an in-house program Stress- Management Course to small companies. This is a cost effective option particularly when there are at least 4-people who require the same training.

Course Objectives:
9:30 – 9:45 Coffee & Course Objectives

9:45 – 10:30 Clarifying what Causes Employees Stress and what Personal Reactions Employees Have To It

10:30 – 10:45 Using the Priority Matrix to Prioritise Time and Energy

10:45 – 11:00 Coffee Break

11:00 – 11:45 Achieving the Balance Employees Want in their Work/Life Enviroment

11:45 – 12:30 How to Relax Yourself Quickly in Any Situation

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch

1:30 – 2:15 How to Reduce Negative Emotions and Access Positive Emotions

2:15 – 3:00 Live your Values and Reduce Stress

3:00 – 3:15 Coffee break

3:15 – 4:00 Techniques to Keep Confidence High and Self-Esteem Strong

4:00 – 4:30 Questions, Summary and Action Plan

4:30 – 5:00 Summary & Action Plans Agreed

For organizations, stress, whether internal or external, typically disrupts business.

What if stress/change energized rather than disrupted your company?

We approach stress/change as a process to be learned and integrated for future success. TCIM INSIDE/OUT Training program equips individuals and teams with tools and processes to be successful during stressful times.

The program taps into individuals’ core strengths to help them find clarity and focus. The organization thrives through increased flexibility, innovation and performance. Building Subtle Communication Skills during stress is vital.

TCIM INISDE/OUT Training offers a coaching/training program using our innovated SUBTLE COMMUNICATION techniques. It lays a foundation for powerful, productive communication; thereby, reducing stress. It assists groups in working together more effectively by increasing their awareness by understanding their subtle communications they have with others as well as themselves.

The approach is interactive, creative, and visual so employees and teams can quickly adopt this tool for reducing stress through improved communication.

Designing an Employee Confidence/Skill-Building Program from the inside/out that fits your corporate goals using TCIM subtle communication training. How to build self-assurance, develop inner calm and act with poise and confidence in the work enviroment.

Confidence is knowing that whatever work tosses you, you’ll be fine. Composure is thinking clearly and calmly, even when things get crazy. Competence is handling situations with strength and dignity.

In this TCIM Training program, you’ll learn to develop all three of these critical characteristics. And you’ll discover how to take care of yourself in ways that feel right to you.

We take spirit and passion bridging it with mind and purpose and grounding them in the work environment.

Confidence Development Training Curriculum
• Ways confidence can take a nosedive (and what to do about it)
• How to stop comparing yourself with others
• Tips to overcome self-pity and depression
• Ways to prevent mental mistakes and “crossed wires”
• How to “get it together” when you feel scattered and pulled in all directions
•”Attitude adjustments” — ways to improve your outlook

Assertiveness & Building Personal Confidence Training description
Developing self-assurance and building personal confidence program helps employees understand why it is sometimes hard to refuse demands and aims to build the skills necessary for behaving confidently / assertively in a practical manner.

Assertiveness & Building Personal Confidence Training Benefits
• Develop confidence in the use of inside/out self-assurance skills
• Understand different behavior patterns and the reasons they arise
• Understand the need for negotiation and co-operation in the
• Practice confidence skills and develop an action plan

Confidence/Skill-Building from the INSIDE/OUT Course
“Mindful Awareness: A Simple Solution to complex problems”

To book this Confidence/Skill-Building course as an in-house program click here ($4100 per day for up to 10 employees) Please note it does not include catering, venue costs if held outside the client’s corporation location and if you have more than 10 people attending each additional employee will be charged $275.00 each.
THE CHOICE IS MINE System (TCIM INSIDE/OUT Training) is included.

TCIM INSIDE/OUT TRAINING designs and delivers an in-house program Confidence/Skill Building Course to small companies. This is a cost effective option particularly when there are at least 4-people who require the same training.

Assertiveness & Building Personal Confidence Course
9:30 – 9.45 Coffee and Course Objectives

9:45 – 10:00 Defining Assertiveness (What is assertiveness? Why is this skill essential to business success? How we influence and how this affects our role in the company.)

10:00 – 11:15 Understanding Behavior (Look at behavior patterns that can throw us off balance. Wanting to succeed, but unable to achieve results; denials and delusions; dealing with challenge to authority and aggression; dealing with difficult people and poor performance.)

11:30 – 1:00 Obtaining Results; Developing Inter-Personal Skills (Practice overcoming barriers through role plays. Dealing with difficult situations.)

1:00 – 2:00 Lunch

2:00 – 3:00 Negotiating and Persuading (Understanding the clients’ needs, both internal and external. What are the motivators and drivers for their demands or requests? How can I champion my requests over theirs?)

3:00 – 4:30 Practice Makes Perfect; Building Confidence in Assertiveness Skills (Participants develop assertiveness skills through further role plays, including negotiation and persuasive techniques.)

4:30 Summary & Action Plans Agreed

Veronique and her dedicated staff plan specific, goal-oriented workshops, using the TCIM INSIDE/OUT Training experiential process. Using this unique process in a workshop environment opens a new pathway to bring significant depths of awareness, through TCIM INSIDE/OUT Training. Each event, uniquely charts a course through joy, health, happiness, money, and love providing each clientele-balanced awareness and stable growth attracting new possibilities and choices for both businesses and individuals. No matter the title of the event or its location, clients will receive innovative ways into ‘HOW’ to attract corporate growth, profits and less stress in the work enviroment. On a personal note attracting a life of greater ease, grace, and abundance supporting each through major life changes — the loss of a loved one, a divorce, significant difficulties in a relationship, a career or business challenge. Veronique Inc creates distinctive programs which best addresses different stress release relaxations, and innovative subtle communication tools as you learn to be a mindful-creator through supportive perspectives.

Coming from a more cooperative and abundant internal place will create you to have what you want, now. Integrate the natural you, into being and living an abundant, full and complete life.

Events held in the United States and abroad.

In this seminar you will learn about the influences your
past can have on your current life experiences.

Veronique is a noteworthy author and the CEO &
founder of the newly formed Veronique Inc. and the Enlightened
Heart Foundation, who leads individuals to the portal
of their own buried power and wisdom; thereby, helping
people break free of the past so that they can enjoy
the prosperity, personal growth, and rewarding relationships
they richly deserve.

She will provide indispensable information, useful examples, and a short interactive opportunity for participant questions to help you put the information to work immediately.

Do not miss this very targeted and practical opportunity to reveal old influences that stand between you and your dreams.

Questions and Answers After

Snacks and Tea Provided in a social hour following the event. This is an opportunity to personally meet Veronique.

For information on Workshops in 2019 Contact

Titles: Intentional Freedom, Spirit in the Workplace, Reconnecting and or Strengthening Your Intuition

explanation of benefits


TCIM has been acknowledged as having innovated principles, unique to this system, that strengthens and increases your ability in becoming clear on what is truly in your subconscious mind that is creating 90% of how you influence, and experience life situations where your conscious mind is only affecting 10% of what you want from life.

When our intentions are congruently aligned both with the subconscious and conscious mind, this is when we easily create what we want from life. (This is what TCIM aligns)

Learn about the good that comes from being “more aware” in the choices you make moment to moment, and how all choices effect your life and others negatively or positively that either push away or support what you want.

In TCIM, you receive a system on how to effectively apply age old success principles and the unique insights in TCIM in how to make life easier without added stress or long hours. It supports you to empower your subconscious and conscious minds to be congruent by catching yourself in the subtle nuances which empower you to change what is not supporting what you want, into ultimately affording the ability to live a quality, healthy and balanced life at any level.

Change happens to everyone… at home, at work, at school, in the community, everywhere.

The choice about how to handle change and make it work belongs to each person.
Most of the time, problems and bad decisions can be traced back to flawed thinking. This sounds like an obvious thing to fix, but how would you do it? What are the steps you’d take to flow through change? The TCIM System integrates ‘a way’ that creates a solid balance and quality foundation to go through change with greater ease, grace and abundance.

Staying on top and remaining aspiring, enterprising, motivating, entergetic, committed, persistent and purposeful throughout life requires that you know how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable – namely, change.

Most of the time, change is not something that you seek, or something that you say (“Bring it on! I’m seeking you out!”) nor is it something you totally look forward to if it begins to place you outside of your comfort zone, yet it seems to come along quite regularly.

TCIM has an easy-to-learn and integratable system that can be used immediately to effectively handle disempowering emotional responses ‘to change’ when it happens. It teaches you how to look at things constructively, through the lens of opportunity, where everything begins to look not only manageable, it actually is a whole lot better. From this foundation, you are able to gain insights in how to continue to motivate and inspire yourself as you continue to expand yourself and achieve what you love.

TCIM teaches emotional critical thinking and how it can work for you by making change work for you and not against you. Reinforcing oneself into being a strong emotional critical thinker will be an asset to yourself, or on a team, as it contributes to every aspect of your personal and business life. By learning to apply the principles of emotional critical thinking, you will receive insights easily, avoid, manuver easily though, diminish or eliminate problems, to better seize opportunities.

In today’s competitive world knowledge-driven organizations and leadership is more important than ever. Corporate leaders at all levels must have more than just the right technical skills and IQ. They must possess the right values, behaviors and emotions – the right emotional intelligence.

TCIM will help you to build the emotional intelligence that is essential to individual and organizational success, and how it can be easily applied moment to moment so in time it’s automatic. These are things that you need to know so that your life can always be improving, your productivity will naturally increase without giving up what you love, taking up more of your time or spending your health to advance your life. With the TCIM system, your creativity can soar and your spirit and morale are more easily boosted.

If you ask people to define “the perfect job” you will inevitably receive many different definitions. Yet, within each one of these definitions there will be common themes that are similar like: being valued for your contributions, being encouraged to blossom, being in an invigorating, interesting, creative, and dynamic environment in which to grow as related to each individual’s position. Research shows that people who have identified their Signature Strengths within their position, and who have found ways to use them, are more effective, have higher morale, and tend to be more successful in their employment/profession/vocation. TCIM shows you how to bring out and capitalize on your Signature Strengths to realize your personal, professional or organizational goals.

Incorporate the philosophy of the Service Circle© into your business for lasting growth and success

“Remember, how you do something is how you do everything.” ~V.

Whether in business, organizational or in personal life, the Service Circle© trademarked and created by Veronique Inc. is a path of obtaining, and building consistent abundance through the circle of service. Here’s how it works:

the service circle

The Service Circle© is a copyrighted tool created by Veronique Inc. Businesses use this tool within their culture to represent to their employees the vital importance of being in “service”, from the heart, and how this “circle of service” supports the prosperity and continual operation of our business and ultimately the professional and monetary success of everyone.When we enter into relationships; professional, business, or personal, we have the opportunity to enter from the “point of view” of “serving others.” Through service we are supported in to a consciousness that encourages respect, and gratitude for what we have been given, from the inside out Through the Service Circle© we learn the “art of serving wholeheartedly”, through the joy of giving in an earned and “balance exchange”.

The Service Circle© establishes experiences, where it officially conveys that the business first “serves” its employees through its very existence, then the employees “serve” the Clients/Customers through their dedication to them by providing the best in their industry. The clients/customerss then in turn “serve” the business by continually returning to receive services, telling their friends and family members. This “service” in the community positively grows a business.

We look for the purpose and good in everything and everyone and build from there. We love, laugh and live by celebrating the gifts within life and the unique gift that each and every one of us has to offer. If that seems a little challenging, come and play with us and we will share with you how celebrating each moment and each individual that crosses your path is really pretty simple.
~ Veronique
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