Unifying Love With the Wealth of Probabilities™ by Evolving Higher States of Consciousness Through the Subtleties of Energy


remaining in balance during confusing & stressful situations

Sometimes in our lives things have not gone the way we expected. This support, in the form of a prayer/affirmation/divine guidance is an opportunity for clarity beyond the confusion & stress that can only create from conditional thinking. The 1st step in going beyond confusion & stress by placing place what was created conditionally in the mind – into what is unconditional. This allows the power found in love in its innocence to be present. This unadulterated love empowers you to dispel results created through conditional/anger/fear reactions. Fill in your name and the name of another or a situation in which you want resolution through peace, balance & integrity.

Divine Guidance

I decree Divine Order, Divine Adjustment and divine timing in the life affairs and conditions of __________ and _____________ and give thanks it is done. I bless and send my love to ___________ and release __________ to the Lord God of each for keeping this situation in divine direction; divine guidance for the best and highest outworking of good. Peace, Divine Inner Peace. I give thanks that this situation is in the hands of the Lord God of my being. It is done. I give thanks for all involved and Bless this situation. Peace, be still, I relax, I release I let go now. Truth manifest yourself in this situation and let all that is hidden be revealed now. Within Love and Truth, all that I desire is mine by Divine Right. I receive it now under grace in perfection from the LORD GOD of MY BEING.

Allow what is, yet accept only what brings you consistent joy.
If it’s not consistent, it’s not true joy.”

~ Veronique

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