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Whether in business, organizational or in personal life, the Service Circle© trademarked and created by Veronique Inc. is a path of obtaining, and building consistent abundance through the circle of service. Here’s how it works:

upper management

TCIM Corporate Executive Training

Extraordinary Mindful Leadership

Veronique Inc.’s renowned TCIM INSIDE/OUT Training programs are provided in three training levels of instituting what appears as miracles in the executive work environment. This special training provides executives a more balanced, mindful and natural approach which affects far above the norm results in the corporate game. The Extraordinary Mindful Leadership™ approach shuns a student/coach relationship in place of a rapport of partnership where the intrinsic abilities of each is enhanced and highlighted from the inside/out. In this revolutionary TCIM INSIDE/OUT method, tools are provided in how to be the source of your own development which accelerates successful results.

With TCIM Training you will learn that stress is an option not a given in any position, either executive or employee. If you are asking how is that possible, that is where TCIM Training provides the HOW.
Overseen by Veronique, each Executive Training Level will clarify the mental, emotional and physical aspects of this unique hands-on experiential training in 3 three week modules. In addition to instruction, the TCIM INSIDE/OUT Training, by Veronique Inc. features a carefully thought out agenda which integrates the specific goals of the corporation with each of the different levels of training Veronique Inc. provides. Blending the goals of the corporation with TCIM Training the specific goals of the corporation are more easily met.

Our one day workshops are on Stress and Leadership.
Our different training levels which build upon themselves in three week modules are:
1. Healthy Work Environments
2. Stress Liberation
3. Leadership Unique to the Position

Mindful Approach to a Healthy Work Environment.

With today’s job market, companies are discovering that providing a supportive and family friendly work environment is no longer something that is “nice to do,” but is an absolute necessity in order to attract and retain highly skilled employees. Job seekers are asking for more than a competitive salary and benefits package, they are looking for that unique combination that makes an organization a “great place to work.” Yet, for most companies, this is easier said then done. A few critical steps companies important to take when establishing A Mindful Approach to a Healthy Work Environment for executives and employees is first and foremeost knowing that stress is an option not a given in any position. If you are asking how is that possible, that is where TCIM Training provides the HOW.

1.) Start with Clearly Presenting the Corporate Culture and Values. The most essential element for employees: understanding the corporate culture and set of values set by the corportation that is both supportive of employees as well as business goals.

2.) Supporting the Corportate Vision. Examining the corporate culture, you begin to get an idea of what may be standing in the way of employees feeling a life work balance. The next step is to develop a more specific vision of a supportive work environment employees understand and follow easily.

3.) Implement the Vision. Implementing the vision can be the hardest part of the process, as it often involves changes in organizational norms and individual habits which may have been formed over a period of years. This is where TCIM Training becomes supportive and a vital key in more easily implementing a relationship of interactive support between management and employees in A Mindful Approach to a Healthy Work Environment.

4.) Live the vision. Over the long term, the key to the success of any Mindful Approach to a Healthy Work Environment program is an open relationship between supervisors and employees. Employees should feel that it’s “OK” to ask for support for home priorities, in the same way a supervisor may request that someone stay late to complete an important project. Ultimately, an organization’s culture that supports its employees during the hard times and provides them flexibility and a listening ear is the one that people will want to be a part of.

5.) Employee responsibility to uphold corporate culture and values. While any organization can provide a supportive environment and helpful programs, each person must consider his/her own needs, and make an individual commitment to achieving balance in his/her life. This is where TCIM Training becomes supportive in implementing employee participation in A Mindful Approach to a Healthy Work Environment.

We customize our services to meet specific client goals.
We listen very carefully to understand long-term business goals, organizational culture, and day-to-day challenges. In working with a client, our priority question is: what results does the client want from its investment in training? Our goal is not to deliver a series of events, but rather to work in partnership with our clients to implement strategies that give employees the skills and knowledge they need to be more effective in their jobs, and that has a lasting positive impact on performance.

Our approach includes the following elements:

2 days on sight training (1 day in the beginning and 1 day to close) ø 6 days teleconference training (Tuesday and Thursday) a 30 minute tele-conference call in the morning and a 30 minute tele-conference call in the evening.

Ask about our Piggy Back Bonus when training 11 or more.

5 – 10 executives – $ 3,510.00 per person
11 – 24 executives – $ 3,110.00 per person
25 – 45 executives – Negotiated Pricing

By paying for the TCIM Training in full at the time of signing the contract you are able to claim the bonus gifts valued at $695.00 per executive.
Bonus 1 –
Your executives are immediately given a training course and the access code to the TCIM Training classes audio archives. This will enable the executives to start the process right away and refine their questions as they read and listen to those who came before them so they don’t have to reinvent the wheel and their results will be even more powerful.
Bonus 2 –
Receive a 30 minute private consultation with Veronique.

Additional Bonus – During the time of the training, executives receive a 25% reduction in price of any additional 30 minute private consultation scheduled with Veronique.


The Consequences of Stress

Stress costs businesses over 30 billion dollars a year in turnover, lowered productivity, health care costs and sick days.

Our Mission in using TCIM INSIDE/OUT TRAINING:

The mission of our organization is to provide executive and employees with practical innovative subtle communication techniques and knowledge for learning how to address both work-related and home stress.

Relieving Stress, One Corporation at a Time

“A Way Into Relaxation” is a comprehensive stress management program that offers a menu of effective techniques and communication strategies unique to Veronique Inc, including numerous “immediate-need” techniques you can do at your desk or walking.

“Responsibility Within Humor and Optimism” both are great tools for stress release and good heath. We teach employees to look for the positive, stay motivated, and find humor in everyday experiences as a strategy of staying relaxed and healthy.

Our TCIM INISDE/OUT Programs cover Staying Motivated — Being the Best You Can Be, Creating a Healthy Balance, and Dealing with Difficult Employees.

TIPS, which help reduce stress in business as well as your personal life:

Pay attention with your whole body making eye contact to show interest.
Ask Open-ended questions, which encourage discussion of feelings.
Listen to the feelings behind the message, confirm and clarify what you have heard and restate the main point if you are unclear.
Reduce distractions and interruptions and make small adjustments to your surrounding environment that compliments the seasons and supports the time of the day.

We take spirit and passion bridging it with mind and purpose and grounding them in the work environment.

Leadership & Management Skills Training Description

This leadership and management skills course is designed to help Upper Management Personnel develop their leadership styles and deal with three key areas of effective management: motivation, delegation and managing stress. Good leadership is vitally important for successful management.

The Leadership & Management Skills Course Suits

All those managers and staff who are striving to improve performance and business effectiveness. Leadership & Management Skills training Benefits:

• Awareness of the qualities of good leadership with effective subtle communication
• Motivational skills from the inside/out
• Strategies for guiding through change to elimiate stress



Course Objectives:

9:30 – 10:00 Coffee & Course Objectives

10:00 – 11:00 Advancing Leadership:
• What makes a Good Leader? • What is required to be a great leader?

11:00 – 11:30 Leadership Styles:
• What are the styles and how do I use them? • Can I change my style?

11:30 – 1:00 Key Management Tools:
• Motivation How and why are people motivated? • How do I get the best from my staff?

1:00 – 2:00 Lunch

2:00 – 3:30 Key Management Tools:
• Delegation • How do I effectively delegate? • What can I delegate?

3:30 – 5:30 Thriving not just Surviving under Stress/Change: • Recognizing stress in others and in self. • What can be done to alleviate stress?

5:30 Summary & Action Plans Agreed

$4100 per day for up to 10 upper management personnel. Please note this price does not include catering, venue costs if held outside the client’s corporation location and if you have more than 10 people attending. Each additional employee will be charged $275.00 each. Course courses and THE CHOICE IS MINE System (TCIM INSIDE/OUT Training) are included.

To book this One-Day Course as an in-house program or Executive Level Three.

Veronique and her dedicated staff plan specific, goal-oriented workshops, using the TCIM INSIDE/OUT Training experiential process. Using this unique process in a workshop environment opens a new pathway to bring significant depths of awareness, through TCIM INSIDE/OUT Training. Each event, uniquely charts a course through joy, health, happiness, money, and love providing each clientele-balanced awareness and stable growth attracting new possibilities and choices for both businesses and individuals. No matter the title of the event or its location, clients will receive innovative ways into ‘HOW’ to attract corporate growth, profits and less stress in the work enviroment. On a personal note attracting a life of greater ease, grace, and abundance supporting each through major life changes — the loss of a loved one, a divorce, significant difficulties in a relationship, a career or business challenge. Veronique Inc creates distinctive programs which best addresses different stress release relaxations, and innovative subtle communication tools as you learn to be a mindful-creator through supportive perspectives.

Coming from a more cooperative and abundant internal place will create you to have what you want, now. Integrate the natural you, into being and living an abundant, full and complete life.

Events held in the United States and abroad.

In this seminar you will learn about the influences your
past can have on your current life experiences.

Veronique is a noteworthy author and the CEO &
founder of the newly formed Veronique Inc. and the Enlightened
Heart Foundation, who leads individuals to the portal
of their own buried power and wisdom; thereby, helping
people break free of the past so that they can enjoy
the prosperity, personal growth, and rewarding relationships
they richly deserve.

She will provide indispensable information, useful examples, and a short interactive opportunity for participant questions to help you put the information to work immediately.

Do not miss this very targeted and practical opportunity to reveal old influences that stand between you and your dreams.

Questions and Answers After

Snacks and Tea Provided in a social hour following the event. This is an opportunity to personally meet Veronique.

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Titles: Intentional Freedom, Spirit in the Workplace, Reconnecting and or Strengthening Your Intuition

explanation of benefits


TCIM has been acknowledged as having innovated principles, unique to this system, that strengthens and increases your ability in becoming clear on what is truly in your subconscious mind that is creating 90% of how you influence, and experience life situations where your conscious mind is only affecting 10% of what you want from life.

When our intentions are congruently aligned both with the subconscious and conscious mind, this is when we easily create what we want from life. (This is what TCIM aligns)

Learn about the good that comes from being “more aware” in the choices you make moment to moment, and how all choices effect your life and others negatively or positively that either push away or support what you want.

In TCIM, you receive a system on how to effectively apply age old success principles and the unique insights in TCIM in how to make life easier without added stress or long hours. It supports you to empower your subconscious and conscious minds to be congruent by catching yourself in the subtle nuances which empower you to change what is not supporting what you want, into ultimately affording the ability to live a quality, healthy and balanced life at any level.

Change happens to everyone… at home, at work, at school, in the community, everywhere.

The choice about how to handle change and make it work belongs to each person.
Most of the time, problems and bad decisions can be traced back to flawed thinking. This sounds like an obvious thing to fix, but how would you do it? What are the steps you’d take to flow through change? The TCIM System integrates ‘a way’ that creates a solid balance and quality foundation to go through change with greater ease, grace and abundance.

Staying on top and remaining aspiring, enterprising, motivating, entergetic, committed, persistent and purposeful throughout life requires that you know how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable – namely, change.

Most of the time, change is not something that you seek, or something that you say (“Bring it on! I’m seeking you out!”) nor is it something you totally look forward to if it begins to place you outside of your comfort zone, yet it seems to come along quite regularly.

TCIM has an easy-to-learn and integratable system that can be used immediately to effectively handle disempowering emotional responses ‘to change’ when it happens. It teaches you how to look at things constructively, through the lens of opportunity, where everything begins to look not only manageable, it actually is a whole lot better. From this foundation, you are able to gain insights in how to continue to motivate and inspire yourself as you continue to expand yourself and achieve what you love.

TCIM teaches emotional critical thinking and how it can work for you by making change work for you and not against you. Reinforcing oneself into being a strong emotional critical thinker will be an asset to yourself, or on a team, as it contributes to every aspect of your personal and business life. By learning to apply the principles of emotional critical thinking, you will receive insights easily, avoid, manuver easily though, diminish or eliminate problems, to better seize opportunities.

In today’s competitive world knowledge-driven organizations and leadership is more important than ever. Corporate leaders at all levels must have more than just the right technical skills and IQ. They must possess the right values, behaviors and emotions – the right emotional intelligence.

TCIM will help you to build the emotional intelligence that is essential to individual and organizational success, and how it can be easily applied moment to moment so in time it’s automatic. These are things that you need to know so that your life can always be improving, your productivity will naturally increase without giving up what you love, taking up more of your time or spending your health to advance your life. With the TCIM system, your creativity can soar and your spirit and morale are more easily boosted.

If you ask people to define “the perfect job” you will inevitably receive many different definitions. Yet, within each one of these definitions there will be common themes that are similar like: being valued for your contributions, being encouraged to blossom, being in an invigorating, interesting, creative, and dynamic environment in which to grow as related to each individual’s position. Research shows that people who have identified their Signature Strengths within their position, and who have found ways to use them, are more effective, have higher morale, and tend to be more successful in their employment/profession/vocation. TCIM shows you how to bring out and capitalize on your Signature Strengths to realize your personal, professional or organizational goals.

Incorporate the philosophy of the Service Circle© into your business for lasting growth and success

“Remember, how you do something is how you do everything.”  ~V.

Whether in business, organizational or in personal life, the Service Circle© trademarked and created by Veronique Inc. is a path of obtaining, and building consistent abundance through the circle of service. Here’s how it works:

the service circle

The Service Circle© is a copyrighted tool created by Veronique Inc. Businesses use this tool within their culture to represent to their employees the vital importance of being in “service”, from the heart, and how this “circle of service” supports the prosperity and continual operation of our business and ultimately the professional and monetary success of everyone.When we enter into relationships; professional, business, or personal, we have the opportunity to enter from the “point of view” of “serving others.” Through service we are supported in to a consciousness that encourages respect, and gratitude for what we have been given, from the inside out Through the Service Circle© we learn the “art of serving wholeheartedly”, through the joy of giving in an earned and “balance exchange”.

The Service Circle© establishes experiences, where it officially conveys that the business first “serves” its employees through its very existence, then the employees “serve” the Clients/Customers through their dedication to them by providing the best in their industry. The clients/customerss then in turn “serve” the business by continually returning to receive services, telling their friends and family members. This “service” in the community positively grows a business.

We look for the purpose and good in everything and everyone and build from there. We love, laugh and live by celebrating the gifts within life and the unique gift that each and every one of us has to offer. If that seems a little challenging, come and play with us and we will share with you how celebrating each moment and each individual that crosses your path is really pretty simple.

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