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“The Soul of you is what you are passionate about,
the Heart of you is HOW you live that passion &

the mind is what executes what the heart & soul guides.”

A right Heart exceeds all.
           ~Benjamin Franklin

We are giving you the heart and soul of Veronique through prose that she wrote that began her journey and a prayer that she says daily as a reminder to her commitment of supporting in any way she can, those who are ready to be awakened to what is probable.

Veronique wrote this poem in 1989 and her journey evolved from it. The words below expressed her passion to change a life inhibited by a lack of confidence, struggle, confusion, & illness into a life of being free and passing that legacy onto her children instead of what she was currently living.

The prayer underneath the prose is the heart of what she lives moment to moment, day to day, which reinforces her commitment to be love over fear… no matter what.


A place of preferment
A smitten ideal that never seems to materialize
 in a vaguely conscious mind.
Perhaps a way to understand love,
 love, with no conditions, is to throw all preconceived conceptions
 or yesterday’s collections
of shattered what if’s and should have been
to the fire of reappraisal and glorify every moment
as the enchantment of life.
Indestructible memories felt whole
with no other purpose except the purpose
 to connect moments
that would discipline oneself frequently,
 if not always, to the expanded thought
 that all experiences,
if free in this incredible innocence,
 this non-judgmental belief,
would open up an exquisite revelation
 of the simplicity of love.

I am firm in my resolution
to remain impassioned with this single thought,
 for it is my chosen journey
to unveil fear in all its disguises
 without any emotional anchor
that weights the soul in a
God-forsaken quicksand.
To ascend to a position
that reigns in constant rhythm of being in life
 — whole —
with no luring hook
that harkens less than 
the joy of the love of self, 
life, all.
If prodded into an expression of my feelings
 I would humbly speak: 
“There is no way to capture love,
 love is free likened to the wind
that surges in one moment with intense
 and in another
like indecisive fingers,
love softly caresses with a gentle breeze.”
Tonight, I awaken,
Completing what appears

 ‘TO BE’

The Beginning

a message from veronique

So many leaders have influenced my path, His Holiness the Dalai Lama is one such example of humility in service to humanity. This is what I strive to live daily in example. I know and share that all pieces matter as part of an ever evolving altruism for growing my commitment to do my part. Here is His Holiness’ daily prayer, one that I use. This prayer has served my journey.

“May I be a guard for those that need protection
A guide for those on the path
A boat, a raft, a bridge for those who wish to cross the flood
May I be a lamp in the darkness
A resting and healing place for the weary
A healing medicine for all who are sick
A vase of plenty, a tree of miracles
And for the boundless multitudes of living beings
May I bring sustenance and awakening
Enduring like the earth and sky
Until all beings are freed from sorrow
And all are awakened.”

Happy Trails,

July 2020
July 2020

A Message From Veronique:


To inspire and support an awakening of an
unlimited power that we each possess, is-miraculous.



Founder of – Veronique Inc.
Enlightened Heart Foundation

Creator of – Freedom Is Internal Collection’s System
Love Laugh Live Broadcasts

in veronique's dedication of supporting...

… individuals no matter age, educational level, ethnic group, profession, she has devoted her life in awakening in others the knowledge of how their life is beautifully orchestrated in order to bring forth their unique brilliance. She accomplishes this by supporting the individual to be connected to the passion of their soul, the love from their heart, and then introducing the mind’s support to make life happen as they would passion and love it to be.

Since the birth of the Collection of the material that came through Veronique in 1989, this miracle began her own journey of awakening that took her around the globe. In her different adventures serendipitous opportunities arose where she had the distinct honor of meeting various individuals and Masters from different philosophies, vocations & spiritual practices.  Each saw within her an array of gifts, mastery & love. From their acknowledgements, various titles were bestowed upon her.  These titles are listed below.  From the beginning to date, Veronique consistently says, she doesn’t require a title (or really want one), she simply is who she is.  Yet, if her having a title supports another’s journey in becoming more aware of their own power & the magic in life, or if it allows another to open to the power of the sacred wisdom she imparts, she welcomes within humility & respect any and all titles bestowed upon her that allows the support of others ito knowing their unique gifts and how those gifts are valuable to the world.

If you ask her what is the title she most loves, her reply is; “Simply being an unusual Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother & Friend.

Feng Shui Master
Master Teacher
Financial Strategist
The Miracle Woman
Modern-Day Oracle
White Buffalo Calf Woman

the boys - veronique's constant
comapanions & super wise teachers

Alexander in front, Frederick in back.
They say; “Woof Woof – Woof Woof” to you
– translated –
“We love you unconditionally however to make our job easier, & your life the way you want it, maybe getting the Freedom Is Internal Collection’s System would be a good idea. When this pandemic is over, which we’re doing our best to make that happen by being more love than fear, please visit us at our Retreats. They are awesome!
We have tons of kisses for you!
Whatever your choice, we send you love.”

“P.S. Throughout this site you are going to see our mommy -Veronique- go through different choices in hair color. Loved her red hair, yet due to Covid-19, she had to let her roots take over & her natural baby blond (her white-grey) to be. Her hair may change, yet she remains down to earth while playing in the clouds.”


Through the Years of Service & Play

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