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"Mastering energy is about the ability to harness its influence for permanence in • ANYTHING • in a world of change."
energy, frequency & vibration propels you into commanding the tomorrow you want quicker than a speeding bullet... - no exceptions -

the freedom is internal system teaches you how to master energy where having the life you want is made...

Simple • Accelerated • Lasting

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here is what a consultant who taught the law of attraction for 30 yrs is saying about the system & veronique

My success in the personal growth and coaching field has been over 30 years. This has granted me my own acknowledgments from others. Yet, when meeting and working with Veronique’ and her Freedom Is Internal System,  I soon realized that there is a much higher level that others and I were not even touching because we simply did not know how! …
~ t. loomis

Colorado Grassroots Radio

“I am glad I waited until the end of the day to send my experiences from your words of wisdom.

I feel whole again.  The day was so beautiful. I have not felt so calm and all the foliage looked as if it was glowing.  I have more confidence than I have had in a long time.  Someone rebuked me today and I did not feel timid or upset that she was upset that she was upset with me.  I have a knowing that I will meet all my business goals in a short time.  I feel blessed — as if I am being nurtured in the palm of God.  I love living in the moment! Thanks for your kind of healing!”

~ tom kroupa – businessman


I want to thank you! I was struggling with life and my business. I thought I had all the answers and life was just the way it was, hard. Veronique showed me a different way. A way more in tune to who I am. I am still an accountant, I just handle things from who I am and not from what I was attempting to force. Life got easier and in a short time more financially successful. The struggle is gone. It was hard at first to stay on her process because I was looking for a quick fix. Now I can’t think of a day I do not want to read, the “Freedom Is Internal” System, it makes all the difference between struggling and living a balanced, prosperous life.”

~ brad n. – accountant


“Dear Veronique;
You are a powerful source of inspiration and encouragement. Your deep understanding and skillful presentations shows how compassion and love will give us endless clarity and energy. You ground very precious teachings that give life a completely new meaning. You have deepened my awareness with your wisdom, many blessings.”

~ joan k. meditation teacher

“This works! I went with my friend thinking the class would be boring. I went not thinking I would get anything from it except the pizza. I learned so much on what I could do to have what I wanted… without trying to force anything. I tried it the next day at school and it worked! I couldn’t wait to go to the next class, I didn’t care if they had pizza or not. Veronique said there was more and I wanted to know what it was. I wish they had this kind of guidance in school. I was even happier with my parents.”
~ piper y. – age 15


“….There was also the situation with the training program in South Sudan. South Sudan is an equatorial region with very hot weather and no modern conveniences, in addition to a great deal of political unrest. We had been in negotiations on this project before Katrina. After Katrina it was postponed. Generally, two or three of us conduct these trainings, but we were unable to find another trainer to accompany me. My work with Veronique gave me the confidence to go to South Sudan and conduct the program by myself. It was the most meaningful and challenging training event I have ever done. I encountered situations that I had never before faced. An incident occurred in the village outside our tent compound that terribly upset my program participants and had them fearing for their lives. I dealt with this and all the other situations very well. And again, I know this was a direct result of my sessions with Veronique and using The Freedom Is Internal System….
~ idella wilson – attorney

(This is an older yet extremely powerful testimonial that bears witness to the extreme conditions that Ms. Wilson was experiencing while studying with Veronique.  Hurricane Katrina hit. She lost everything. She was beside herself because no help was being given to her area. Veronique asked her a simple question… “Is that an experience you want to continue to go through?”, Her answer was “No”. Through the wisdom that Veronique imparted and the support she gave her, Idella received hurricane relief when others in her area did not. On top of that, Idella began creating additional miracles where the rewards were endless. Read her full experience under ‘Entrepreneurs’ in ‘Success Stories’.)


In the arms of an angel – years of migraines gone!” I’ve been experiencing migraines for many years. They were so bad that they would put me down for days so of course I was willing to try anything. With Veronique’s love and her guidance to help me find the real reasons for my migraines and my willingness to bring it out, I can tell you that I no longer have them. Miracles do happen in life, and will happen for you; it has for me through the deeper wisdom Veronique’s shares…

~ tammy g. – housewife.

“Even though I was drawn to the System, I still had doubts as to if this was the same as all of the other personal development stuff out there, as I had pretty much seen it all. There is so much different material of varying quality out there today that I wanted to hear more before committing to purchasing The Freedom Is Internal System.

When Veronique started the call I was very impressed with the information she was giving to all of us on the call, it truly was different.

I have seen a lot of material in this field and her Freedom Is Internal System is truly different than anything out there that I have experienced. She wasn’t trying to sell the System she was just giving of herself. What impressed me most was that Veronique was so genuine. I could feel during the call that she cared and practiced what she taught.

I did purchase the System and am going through it now. I am excited about learning from Veronique.”

~ mark m. florida

Hi, I’m Veronique

I’m often called a miracle worker…

… and in some people’s eyes I am, yet my purpose is to invoke the miracle worker in you. In reality, I’m just an ordinary person that just got to the point where I had enough of being miserable, afraid & unhealthy and thinking others and the world at large had power over me that could prevent me from how I wanted to experience life.

I was at a point of desperation and confusion as to the reason everything I was doing wasn’t working.  My passion to want a life of freedom from fear, happiness no matter what, and health from a rheumatoid arthritic body created my own miracle. In 1989 I came to a point of no return and this is when I screamed to the heavens for help.  Above all else, I wanted a different legacy for my children. In my absolute determination to do what I must, the answer came through me as a simple, yet phenomenally powerful way of changing -what was- into what I wanted.

There is an amazing story about the deep origin of this ancient ( in some cases lost ) wisdom and how it came to me in “The Inner Circle Membership”.  Here we are just giving you the nuts and bolts….  of how quickly the reality you are experiencing can change no matter any social, financial, political or medical climates that exist.

how does energy relate to you and the problems you face?

“I discovered creating lasting change requires more than positive thinking or a focus on an external fix.
For permanency, it requires a quality state of your subconscious mind that can only occur through the consistent energy you use to experience life through.”

This is a Masters Course so you may think it may not be for everyone. However, it can be because I want to state how simple it is to become a master of your life with The Freedom Is Internal System. What I know is through the right use of energy, you absolutely know you are greater than, therefore can rise above, any climate that exists in this world. More so than not, you have simply forgotten the power you have to rise above these situations because life’s circumstances often cloud internal knowing… as it did me in my beginning days. The energy in the ancient wisdom that I provide throughout the Freedom Is Internal System is in unison with the basics of Quantum Physics. Through the use of this System, you have at your disposal the ability to ignite and remember the unlimited you because of the intertwining energetic power these two paradigms produces if you are willing to know what I know and put it into action.

What I – know – is, if you do your part, I can GUARANTEE you will have your highest priority met within 2 weeks or less through the use of the Freedom Is Internal System.

Please allow me to show you how you are designed to have the life you want.
To date, this System has been unmatched in its ability to achieve one’s highest priority without endless processing or repetitive complex techniques and • Sooner Rather Than Later™ •.


Inner Freedom Produces Unlimited External Results


My journey began before I even knew it was beginning.
It taught me… it always comes down to making a choice…
to be fee or not, to be wealthy or not to be healthy or not…
it always is and will always remain a choice. Choices, singular or plural, are always up to one’s free will. Without awareness, you may feel you don’t have a choice, what you will discover through this program you are always choosing what you fear or what you love.  When you become consciously aware of how you are using energy to form your choices, that is when you can truly have lasting change.

Although my journey has had its own unique hills and valleys it has embarked me on an ever unfolding and evolving state of awareness that awards – emotional tranquility – financial stability – physical well-being –  I pass this knowledge of how to have and maintain whatever brings more love, laughter, safety & stability into your life through the Freedom Is Internal System and my unique The Choice Is Mine Inside/Out Training Programs.

Again, I repeat this can all happen within 2 weeks or less, because you will become aware that what holds anybody down is:

  • ​the universal core of struggles & limitations is lack of awareness
  • remove the cause & their are no symptoms to treat
  • no plan that ignores -cause- can ever last successfully

The Freedom Is Internal Is Internal System addresses in resolving all 3 of these key points.

A Monk's Unexpected Visit

“Dear Veronique, Everyone needs to know what is in your

When a truly great and unique Spirit Speaks, – you Veronique – we must be silent. Calmness of the Mind is one of the beautiful jewels of your wisdom. To help others see again, this you can do so well.”

~ n. wolfe
founder/business industry leader in lighting,
greater chicago area

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$5,350 Basic (7 days) – $11,700 Advanced (18 days)*
*(Freedom Is Internal System & transportation costs not included)

Refund Policy: Before you sign up, please make sure that you are 100% ready and committed to follow the program all the way. Once you sign up, there are no refunds. As successful mentors, it is our job to hold you accountable and encourage you to prioritize what you want from life. If you need to postpone the start date, you will be permitted to do so.

More Ways We Can Help

One Powerful Piece of


You Will Discover from the Freedom Is Internal System is that your true ego is not to be suppressed or gotten rid of.

(This is only ONE piece of mis-information the Freedom Is Internal System addresses & rectifies which affords you an energetic change in feeling free from limitations and in the shortest time possible)

Through Veronique’s programs one aspect that you will come to know impeccably is that your Ego is a gift to be nurtured and embraced back to wholeness. What you will begin to remember is how the Ego is a part of the personality self and through life’s different twists & turns, trials and tribulations it became altered. It is the altered part that we want to run from, get rid of, not look at or suppress.  Yet it’s not about suppressing, it’s about becoming aware and in that awareness, freeing the ego to become whole again and allow it to take its rightful place. With the Ego in its rightful place of wholeness, it’s in a complete circle of giving and receiving.

my program

My structured program treats the whole person to improve their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.
In-depth Freedom Is Internal components will help you create lasting changes that fit your lifestyle. Through virtual one-on-one educational consultations, you’ll learn to regain command over your health and happiness no matter the how chaotic our world gets.

what is your single biggest

Life Challenge?

    This is a 33 page informational document given complimentary to support you in being informed during this pandemic over being in fear of it. It is updated weekly and is priceless in the information it provides. Simply fill in your name & email so we can keep you well informed through updated information.

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      Our weekly podcasts are pre-recorded lectures (some interactive) on HOW to unlock the power of your
      Natural UNLIMITED Energy - by stimulating inspiration & motivation through exploration & creation.

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      Emotional Boundaries - Do you need to protect yourself – or protect the other person from you?
      Strategies that Require Low Cognitive Effort - With High Rewards
      Brilliantly - Navigate Life - in an Ever Changing World
      Active Strategies - Hands-On Experimentation Promoting Simple - Across the Board - Problem Solving Solutions

      Our weekly podcasts are pre-recorded lectures (some interactive where Veronique will answer submitted questions at questions@freedomisinternal.com )
      on HOW to unlock the power of your Natural Energy by stimulating motivation through exploration & creation.

      New PODCAST posted every Monday

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      165 minute of energy, frequency and vibration that sets the foundation for commanding & growing the life you want sooner rather than later™ - divided into 3 mp3 files.  Each syllable vibrates the innate and unique brilliance within ourselves to shed what is concealed and trapped in upsets, regrets or feeling unfulfilled into what allows us to be unlimited.
      Vol. 1  self suppressed
      Vol. 2  self elevated
      Vol. 3 symphonic unlimitedness

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      It is my greatest pleasure to make available to you what has transformed my life and the lives of so many others THE FREEDOM IS INTERNAL SYSTEM.

      This System is unique in the HOW it individualizes for each, no matter age, educational level or position in life a steadfast Framework for Life that is simple to apply in every day activities that transforms what you don’t want into what you do want - in two weeks timing when consistently used as guided. 
      Delivered in a three - volume, self paced manuals, 3 MP3 audios, their synchronicity empowers an individual or group, in any environment or within any situation for supportive change quickly.
      This unique and pioneering system provides a solid picture and detailed pathway describing and impacting men, women & children into building empowering, supportive and open relationships with peers, family members and authority figures. The step-by-step tools are powerfully simple. The systematic tools are described in detail of not just what to do; this system reveals how life can be as you honestly and truly want it… without exception… and in less time deemed possible with the STEP BY STEP HOW to make it happen. The 3 volumes and audios supports the entire progression of becoming aware therefore you become highly skillful in effecting prosperous outcomes in everyday life and in any type of situation.
      Repeated readings/listening of the SYSTEM continues to counter balance negative / destructive / contradicting beliefs and behaviors, no matter the source / core.
      THE FREEDOM IS INTERNAL SYSTEM accelerates change into expectations of a reality where you know struggles that limit are NOT the normal when using this System. What become the NEW NORMAL is ease grace and abundance.
      MAKE IT HAPPEN - these individuals were able to ground the ;life that inspired them. Extraordinary results experienced by these individuals: Executives, Athletes, Teachers, Students / Youths/ Teens, Victim Groups, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Workers/ Employees, Personal
      JOIN this ever growing list of individuals having what you want sooner rather than later.


      If anyone ever said to you, ‘Look inside for your answers,’ and you said silently
      How do I do that?‘ Veronique’s Freedom Is Internal System is the HOW
      Her innovative approach universally serves to transform what we do that limits ourselves personally, professionally and/or organizationally into the highest achievement possible like nothing else currently available.
      It is an invaluable treasure to use for yourself, business or organization if you are looking for more freedom, happiness, health, success and love in life.

      ~ Barry Spilchuck (a national and international Fortune 500 trainer & author of ’a Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul,’

      Digital Copy Includes

      4 Audio Downloads:
      She/He Loves Me – 165 Minutes
      (The She In He, the He In She that Loves the Me In All)
      Questioning . Answers . Symphonic
      Instructional audio file Welcome to the System

      3 Volumes - Course Manual:
      Begin Here, Foundational Guide – Volume I
      6ʺ X 6ʺ 164 page PDF File
      The Choice Is Mine – Volume II –
      6ʺ X 9ʺ 306 page PDF file
      The 12 Keys/Pocket Companion – Volume III
      4 3/4 X 5 3/4ʺ 160 page PDF file

      The 12 Key Card – PDF – Print Out:
      Key Card to carry in your wallet for quick reference


      $347 is divided into 3 payments made every 2 weeks

      Hard Copy Includes

      Everything in the digital copy PLUS

      4 Audio Downloads:
      She/He Loves Me – 165 Minutes
      (The She In He, the He In She that Loves the Me In All)
      Questioning . Answers . Symphonic
      Instructional audio file Welcome to the System

      3 Volumes - Course Manual:
      Begin Here, Foundational Guide – Volume I
      6ʺ X 6ʺ 164 page
      The Choice Is Mine – Volume II –
      6ʺ X 9ʺ 306 page PDF file
      The 12 Keys/Pocket Companion – Volume III
      4 3/4 X 5 3/4ʺ 160 page

      The 12 Key Card – Credit Card Size
      Key Card to carry in your wallet for quick reference

      3 Payment plans are available


      Hard Copy Package Is Packed With Purpose by Hand & Sent With Love

      Introducing our multi-purpose celebratory packaging,

      This packaging provides you synergistic energy boosters in support of you remembering the joy in discovering the purpose and good within your experiences while you remain light-hearted. Remaining in purpose through one’s ability to laugh at our antics throughout life’s journey makes all the difference in having what you want sooner rather than later and with greater ease.

      A Celebrate Life Card:  To support you holding the spirit & mindset of Joy.
      Bubbles: To remind you to remain childlike verses childish throughout life.
      Sachet Bag: Filled with lavender flowers from the country side in France to remind you to focus on life’s simple joys.
      Divine Guidance Magnet: Used during times of stress and confusing situations.
      Aroma Therapy Spray: Uplift, Nourish Rejuvenate
      Bookmark: Contains inspirational quotes & our stay connected information.
      Journal: A place to gather your thoughts, write your insights and record your growth.
      Backpack: Reusable packaging.

      If you are ready to go deeper … with greater ease


      to live a richer more fulled life than you thought possible in today’s climate… SIMPLY



      (Requires advanced purchased of either Digital or Hard Copy of The Freedom Is Internal System)


      Here is where conversation becomes richer as the - one message - Veronique wants to hammer home
      in her weekly LIVE interactive discussions is

      HOW LIFE CAN BE AS YOU REALLY REALLY REALLY want it… no matter what & in in 2 weeks or less.


      In this forum Veronique is able to go in more depth providing both impactful and inspired answers to any proving questions on the following topics:
      Adapt & Grow in an Age of Uncertainty
      Turn Employees Into Leaders
      Budgeting - Time - During An Ever Evolving and Changing World
      Actually Advance Racial Justice
      Discovering that Normal - can be a New ( the way you really want it ) Normal - OVERNIGHT

      In these discourses she interweaves the Freedom Is Internal System - guiding - as to how it evolves a state of awareness that addresses - with greater ease ones ability in being highly successful, consistently.

      In these discourses we communicate deeper wisdom with greater effectiveness because we are able to define with unadulterated clarity until one becomes increasingly aware of HOW the energy of LOVE, COMPASSION, LOYALTY - WITHOUT BECOMING A DOORMAT provides us endless clarity, resolve and energy - THE INNER CIRCLE discourses kept going deeper on the same question until the light bulb goes off where one realizes the LOVE IN IT”S INNOCENCE “presents one cohesive story to the world.”

      Mentorship Program via Zoom

      The Choice Is Mine Inside/Out Training is a highly Personalized  Mentorship program using the Freedom Is Internal System in support of rising your awareness of what is effecting the outcomes you are experiencing in life… personally, professionally and or organizationally.

      Your time with Veronique is keeping you on track in clear support of you becoming increasingly aware of the subtleties in thoughts, words and actions that you are doing & or not doing that enables you to more easily have what you want… sooner rather than later™ and have it last. 

      DAILY payments @ $100 a day for 3 the month program = $3,000 month total = $9,000
      MONTHLY payments @ $2,700 monthly for the 3 month program total = $8,100
      PAID IN FULL in a one time payment for the 3 month program total = $7,100
      (Requires advanced purchased of System)
      * At any time during this program you feel you require extra time with Veronique additional time is billed at $150 every 15 additional min.

      “In all my years of taking personal development training, Veronique is the first and only person who has not inserted herself or what she thought was best for me into the training system. She comes from the pure truth and that is all she shares. She allowed me to determine how it was true for me and that allowed me to go faster than anything I have ever studied before.”

      ~ veronica v. (connecticut)


      If you are ready to take a - quantum leap - you may want to take advantage of - the VIP Program - hosted
      in Veronique’s personal residence. In this peaceful organic environment you are supported with every
      detail that enhances relaxation, rejuvenation and developing skills that supports an ever growing ease,
      grace and abundance within daily life.  

      Throughout the day, Veronique's uses the tools in the Freedom Is Internal System, showing you how simple
      it is to interweave this higher wisdom into normal activities which continually builds upon nourishing and
      sustaining health, wealth and happiness… no matter what.   

      At the end of this program: * You will receive a personalized rejuvenation protocol while learning
      more in depth how energy affects your life. * 
      You will have learned how to use energy to effect
      your environment to better nourish your body, mind and spirit in overall health, energy & well
      being. * 
      You will have been taught how to arrange your home so it energetically sustains you
      rather than drains you. 

      Your VIP Accommodations includes:

       Advanced 18 day Program                                                       
      Receives All the Above Plus: Organic Rejuvenation - TAKE HOME KIT

      A Pillow Sashay Filled With French Lavender Flowers, Facial Loofah, Dry Brush,
      Scalp Massager – Releases Tension, Organic Tooth Paste / Tooth Brush,
      Natural Hair Brush / Wooden Combs, Crystal Body Deodorant,
      6 Pack 100% Pure Essential Oils, PPE Sunscreen / Water Resistant Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB,
      Cloth Slippers, Natural Canvas Drawstring Bag to Carry All Your Goodies

      “A place where you can let go of all your ailments. A place where you can heal. To say Veronique will take care of you, is an understatement. We bonded almost instantaneously. Her hospitality is impeccable. Veronique has a particular acuity with people. She knows which accommodations to make, almost instinctually. Come for the location. Stay to challenge your perception. You will feel the core of relaxation here. The intellectual conversations are a plus as well. I highly recommend staying here if you’d like a place to clear your mind, challenge your perceptions, and heal. Stay here.”

      ~ John - Brookfield, WI

      Purpose Drives Performance

      Affiliate Program


      Our approach for our affiliates is aligned with our company’s vision and mission in our - SERVICE CIRCLE - philosophy that the company serves its helpers/employees/volunteers through its existence and support in their growth through both inner fulfillment and financial success.

      The helpers/employees/volunteers in turn serve the clients by outreaching that an innovative product (THE FREEDOM IS INTERNAL SYSTEM ) can and will support them in having the life they passion… no matter one’s current circumstances and sooner rather than later.

      The clients serve the company through their passion / commitment of wanting to feel safe, balanced financially and ultimately happy in a chaotic world by purchasing & using the products and services and sharing with others how they achieved their success with greater ease, grace and abundance. This creates the SERVICE (to one an another) CIRCLE.

      With over 30 years of experience in performance driven results though the winning solution we offer; the FREEDOM IS INTERNAL SYSTEM remains innovative in both its approach and what appears almost magical in results.

      We offer our Affiliate Program with the intent that affiliates surpass their wildest dreams by providing unparalleled support to our active affiliates by choosing to go beyond current designed affiliate programs by additionally focusing on building strong relationships with them through our TCIM INSIDE OUT training program.

      When we enter into relationships; professional, business, or personal, we have the opportunity to enter from the “point of view” of “serving others.” Through an intention of service, in a giving receiving relationship, in an ever evolving circle we are supported in to an awareness of being unlimited.

      A forethought of being in service encourages respect, and gratitude for the opportunity we have been given. Gratitude and respect grow wealth.

      From the inside out through the Service Circle© we learn the “art of serving wholeheartedly”,
      through the joy of giving in an earned and “balanced exchange”.


      Veronique Inc.
      A Company that focuses on relevance, value and enjoyment for all involved.

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