Unifying Love With the Wealth of Probabilities™ by Evolving Higher States of Consciousness Through the Subtleties of Energy

Slide "Mastering energy is about the ability to harness its influence to shatter what limits." ~ Veronique

you cannot have an outside fix
to an inside problem™


Hi, I’m Veronique

In 1989 I screamed to the universe for a way out of my pain & fear-filled life.  The next morning a new door opened from words that began flowing through my consciousness that I placed on paper and entitled “A Letter to Myself.”

By simply reading my letter every time my mind would wonder into a pity-party, or was caught in recapturing fear & pain, I would get the letter out and read it.  In -only- reading this letter, my life miraculously began changing from where it was, to where I wanted to be.  I wanted to give a different legacy to my children… freedom from pain, fear, confusion and insecurities… and for me, the wisdom in this letter brought this new legacy seemingly overnight.

From this point forward a life of miracles began building upon themselves. When asked, I showed others how to create the same through the ancient and lost wisdom that permeated the letter that became a part of The Freedom Is Internal Collection’s System that evolved from its birth.

How Does all of this Relate to You and the Problems we Face Today?

Because… HOW You Experience Life
Is HOW You Use Energy

If you're ready to put skin in the game, here's how we can help you to...

… obtain your highest priority  – no matter how big or small –  in any of these categories:
health & wellness, relationships, business, professional and financial achievements -whatever-
– in 2 weeks or less – no matter your age, culture, gender, educational level, profession or financial status.
Through the use of this System, you WILL obtain your highest priority, GUARANTEED.

Because of This Guarantee....

I’m often called a
Miracle Worker

… and in some people’s eyes I am, yet my purpose is to invoke the miracle worker in you.

In reality, I’m just an ordinary person that just got to the point where I had enough of being afraid & miserable and thinking others had the power over me in keeping me from how I wanted to experience life.  From this point of desperation and confusion as to why everything I was doing wasn’t working, above all else, my absolute willingness to do what I must stepped in and this is when I discovered through that clear intention, a simple yet phenomenally powerful way of changing -what was-  into -what I wanted-.

There is an amazing story about the deep origin of this ancient wisdom that you can read in “About Veronique”.  Here we are just giving you the nuts and bolts….  of how quickly you can have what you want.

before we get into the nitty gritty, here's a couple testimonials from people like you and me who have used the system and gotten what they wanted quickly

My success in the personal growth and coaching field has been over 30 years. This has granted me my own acknowledgments from others. Yet, when meeting and working with Veronique I soon realized that there is a much higher level that others and I were not even touching because we simply did not know how! …
~ t. loomis

“….There was also the situation with the training program in South Sudan. South Sudan is an equatorial region with very hot weather and no modern conveniences, in addition to a great deal of political unrest. We had been in negotiations on this project before Katrina. After Katrina it was postponed. Generally, two or three of us conduct these trainings, but we were unable to find another trainer to accompany me. My work with Veronique gave me the confidence to go to South Sudan and conduct the program by myself. It was the most meaningful and challenging training event I have ever done. I encountered situations that I had never before faced. An incident occurred in the village outside our tent compound that terribly upset my program participants and had them fearing for their lives. I dealt with this and all the other situations very well. And again, I know this was a direct result of my sessions with Veronique and reading The Freedom Is Internal System….
~ idella wilson – attorney

“This works! I went with my friend thinking the class would be boring. I went not thinking I would get anything from it except the pizza. I learned so much on what I could do to have what I wanted… without trying to force anything. I tried it the next day at school and it worked! I couldn’t wait to go to the next class, I didn’t care if they had pizza or not. Veronique said there was more and I wanted to know what it was. I wish they had this kind of guidance in school. I was even happier with my parents.”
~ piper y. – age 15

The success stories above give you a hint of the scope of miracles that were created by everyday people that used this System.
Are you ready to create your own miracles?
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If you’re curious as to the reason I continue doing what I do at the age of 77, and give as much complimentary support as I can without putting myself out of balance, here’s the reason…

From the beginning to today, the passion that fuels my journey has always been about awakening you to a fiery, fun-filled passion for life, outrageous adventures and a deep presence within self and the life you dream of living, no matter what and in the new landscape of our world today with this $@%$$ pandemic & everything else that is so out of balance with human dignity, decency, integrity, and compassion, I want you to know, you can be safe, you can be as free as you want to be, and I’m here to show you how simple, it can be.
I want the discoveries I made to be available to every soul in the support of a surrendered rapture of their own divinity.

I know there are a lot of WHAT to do’s and even some HOW to do it. Each has their own purpose & process.  What I do know is if you want simple, if you want sooner rather than later™, you can have it when you use the Freedom Is Internal Collection’s System. And the really, really, really cool part, it will unequivocally give you your highest priority within 2 weeks GUARANTEED!
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“Even though I was drawn to the System, I still had doubts as to if this was the same as all of the other personal development stuff out there, as I had pretty much seen it all. There is so much different material of varying quality out there today that I wanted to hear more before committing to purchasing The Freedom Is Internal System.

When Veronique started the call I was very impressed with the information she was giving to all of us on the call, it truly was different.

I have seen a lot of material in this field and her Freedom Is Internal System is truly different than anything out there that I have experienced. She wasn’t trying to sell the System she was just giving of herself. What impressed me most was that Veronique was so genuine. I could feel during the call that she cared and practiced what she taught.

I did purchase the System and am going through it now. I am excited about learning from Veronique.”

~ mark m. florida

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Designing Life As You Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Want It Is Made Simple Through the
Freedom Is Internal Collection's System

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Before We Conclude This Homepage,
Here is An Audio Experience and a Testimonial

Strengthening You Fron the Inside Out

“Dear Veronique, Everyone needs to know what is in your

When a truly great and unique Spirit Speaks, – you Veronique – we must be silent. Calmness of the Mind is one of the beautiful jewels of your wisdom. To help others see again, this you can do so well.”

~ n. wolfe
founder/business industry leader in lighting,
greater chicago area

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