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This membership gives you access to archives where Veronique is sharing the more esoteric points of this masterful wisdom.  You will get a greater understanding of the way to be through knowing how the energies influence your life experiences and the tools in the system that support you in tweaking your way of being to naturally shift those energies.  Through this unique understanding of the energies that shape life, you will begin to see that nothing is separate and the connection between all things.

Here is where you can quest your thirst for knowledge on the foundation of life.

“Wow! My most empowering moments were when I silenced the mind chatter by recognizing the voice and noticing if it was conditional or unconditional. It really helps to eliminate the struggle to try to remove the mind chatter. ‘What you resist persists’… The statement of using intuition to solve a problem and not logic that may be convoluted with conditions was powerful. After using this material, I found that people were approaching me instead of me having to approach people. I put the intent out there that I would exactly meet the people that I needed to meet, and after leaving the meeting, I felt it was successful because I did met the people I needed to meet. Then I realized that it is like that no matter how you feel, or what you think. Based on what you feel, think, and believe, you will attract those people. Again, I knew this, yet this process allowed me to REALLY absorb it in a different way where it became grounded and real. I then really begin to have faith in the process. It removed much stress and judgment.”

– The Choice Is Mine Beta Study Participant – B.H.

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