“Thank you!”

“I provide mortgages to high risk individuals and my business was always up and down. I had a strong business plan, yet, no plan to handle the different challenges or how the struggle was getting to me. Veronique suggested getting to the truth of my inner beliefs so I could better overcome the day-to-day turmoil. I did not think I needed help because what I thought I was experiencing was normal. She told me I only believed it to be true, so it was. I was still unsure so she challenged me.  …the results were more than I expected and she was right.

I had to make many changes within me.  It was not easy, but well worth the effort. I did the work by sticking to her process consistently. In less than 90 days, (which is less time than I thought, actually I did not think anything would change) the process opened me to less struggles and more financial success.

When I stopped using the System, I saw how things were going back to the way they were before reading it. I am no dummy, so I began reading it again and things returned to what I now know is the way life is supposed to be, easy, a lot more fun, and prosperous.

I joyfully gave her the well-deserved bonus we agreed upon; what she does is understated.”
 ~ Jonathan Able, President – Investment Values, LLC.

veronique offers 5 paths of support
that can be used at the same time or individually

1) the system

Veronique’s Signature System, ‘Freedom Is Internal’ was developed through the mystery and mastery that evolved from her life experiences.

Through the simplicity of the process that this System embodies, you naturally remember an internal brilliance that ignites the knowing of how to sustain freedom, happiness, ease, grace and abundance throughout life’s hills and valleys organizationally, professionally or personally.


2) mentor with veronique

Veronique’s mentoring skill puts you on an accelerated path to having what you want more simply and sooner rather than later™.

at the dinner table

“Let’s cook!”

Veronique offers a magical evening at an exclusive interactive dinner for 8 in her personal residence.

This event is an opportunity to explore the intricacies of life and how to expand its magic with a Master Mentor.  With wisdom abound, great food, parred with better wines and exhilarating conversations, this is a memory to cherish and not miss out on.

The Dinner Table experience is available for anyone around the world. All you have to do is secure your seat on the next page.

Menu cost is per person.
Seats are limited to 8 reservations

the retreat experience


Step into the ambience of a magical oasis. This tranquil rejuvenating experience is provided so you can know the intricate secrets of creating your life and your home to be a unique oasis for you, as you experience this energy for yourself in the presence of a Master Mentor.

In this 3 day retreat, Veronique will share ancient knowledge and wisdom of the science of energy and share with you how to apply this combination to creating a home environment that nurtures the body, mind and spirit.  She will share with you the exact details to transform your mindset, which will be used to eventually transform your home into one that relaxes and shields you from the everyday stresses that occur in life, so you can recharge yourself and have the strength to face the next day.

Using the science of energy and the principles of spirituality found in Veronique’s Freedom Is Internal System, implemented in the home environment, you will know how to create your home to be your lifetime support partner in achieving your goals.

Are you ready to elevate your spirit, and then your home environment into a nourishing, rejuvenating sanctuary to support your happiness and freedom?

membership program

Veronique’s membership program maximizes your understanding the wisdom and the science it contains on a deeper level because it is an integrated approach to accelerate the material because it provides a platform of becoming very clear, very quickly because in this platform of listening to others.

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Veronique’s enlightening webinars are filled with business and spiritual insights. Submit your questions 1 week prior.  Questions are randomly chosen and answered live.

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Purpose of the System
How the System Works
Mentoring in Action