the system i offer supports you in
starting smart & finishing strong

it maps "your path" to a success that lasts

The brilliance within the Freedom Is Internal System is the masterful wisdom and science it contains.

Its specific design effectively enhances and expands to greater levels anything you are doing to grow your business, profession or personal life, simultaneously while using it.
How can this System – Freedom Is Internal – grow all 3 areas at the same time and support other growth/learning modalities?
Because it focuses on unification instead of separation.

Let’s begin with…

why you are here

Over the years of providing the Freedom Is Internal System what I have come to know, impeccably, is that you are not here by any outside force.


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Veronique reintroduces throughout her material ancient, and in some cases, lost wisdom and the science that supports it for you to know you don’t have to be out of balance personally, where it affects your professional life, or professionally, where it affects your personal life.  Her System ensures that you can receive enormous benefits in all your endeavors through life’s ever-changing landscape.

How does this happen?

Its unique and simple structure effectively reaches your subconscious mind where lasting change begins.  It replaces beliefs birthed through anger/fear that limit with beliefs that transcend these types of responses.  Transcending even a fraction of an ounce of anger/fear establishes cohesive analytical and creative intelligence.

Freedom Is Internal is offered:

1) As a Self Study Course
2) With any of Veronique’s Mentoring Programs

Additional support is offered:

1) Attending the Free Webinar
2)  Signing up for the Membership Program 

Even though I was drawn to the System, I still had doubts as to if this was the same as all of the other personal development stuff out there, as I had pretty much seen it all. There is so much different material of varying quality out there today that I wanted to hear more before committing to purchasing The Freedom Is Internal System.

When Veronique started the call I was very impressed with the information she was giving to all of us on the call, it truly was different.

I have seen a lot of material in this field and her Freedom Is Internal System is truly different than anything out there that I have experienced. She wasn’t trying to sell the System she was just giving of herself. What impressed me most was that Veronique was so genuine. I could feel during the call that she cared and practiced what she taught.

I did purchase the System and am going through it now. I am excited about learning from Veronique.

 ~ Mark M. Florida

Who Benefits From this System?

Those who want lasting success without feeling they have to sacrifice health, happiness, relationships or one’s integrity.

this system simultaneously supports in the following areas:


Why strategies don’t
always work.


to have and/or revive the career you love


Be Your Kind of Remarkable.

Explore the site, experience one of our free webinars
because you gotta know if this solution is right for you. 

A complimentary
live webinar
with Veronique

success stories

“In a matter of a couple of days I discovered what it was that was holding me back and keeping me down…

When I was asked to be in the Beta Test group (a group gathered to use the material and give feedback) for Veronique’s System, I really wasn’t expecting anything much different than ones I’ve done before. I have completed much personal growth work in the past, in fact, I’m have been teaching it to others for over 20 years, so I wondered what I might gleam from hers.  Yet, right from the onset of both her mentoring and using her system, I realized it was different.  Through the process and her amazing, insightful training, I was able to have a realization and breakthrough that was life-changing.

She brought to my awareness an unconscious belief I had lingering from childhood which had caused me to diminish myself throughout my life, and which was sabotaging my career as the author of a new book. Since her work and the “cleaning up” we did, I have not only published my book and had it distributed nationwide, but have also have had it endorsed by Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson and Neale Donald Walsch! I’m attracting miracles daily knowing  it began with Veronique’s mentoring and innovative system.  I now know THE CHOICE IS MINE!

Thank you, Veronique, for your beautiful contribution to my life and to this world. “

~ Debra Gano – Award Winning Author of Beauty’s Secret

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